Kerala, The God’s own Country has around hundreds of professional bloggers. There are bloggers who blog about Technology, Travel, Gadget & Softwares, Food, Business, Information Technology etc.

The growth of Internet has made a large number of professional bloggers and website owners in Kerala who make their primary living income with it.

Apart from all money making bloggers, there are thousands of hobby bloggers who maintain blogs in Malayalam. Those bloggers also concentrate on various categories. Most of them are literature bloggers and concentrate much on their private journalism interests.

It was very difficult to make a list of pro bloggers in Kerala. Because there was no proper network connected between all of them. So, we a couple of bloggers decided to make a ‘Kerala Bloggers’ WhatsApp group and we have got almost 50+ serious bloggers connected together now.

Most of the money making bloggers from Kerala are focussed on the revenue from Google Adsense and there are a few who makes money with affiliate networks too.

Most of the top successful bloggers are the one who started their blogging life before 2010. That also describe as blogging is not a one-day process to get success. It needs so much of Hard work and patience. The amount of success rate for bloggers depends on dedication, passion and commitments towards the work you are concentrating on.

My ranking of these top bloggers is based on my interactions with them and by analyzing the quality of their blogs.

 1) Tony John

Tony John is one among the seniormost bloggers in Kerala as well as India and he started his blogging in 1998. He started blogging as a part time hobby while he was working as a Software Architect in the US. Tony John is currently maintaining a couple of websites like India Study Channel, Techulator, India Travel Blog, Study Village etc

2) Nirmal TV

Nirmal TV is a technology blogger and founder of aka Techniqued. Nirmal is basically a Civil Engineer by education and started blogging in 2005. Nirmal shifted to IT with a Job in Infosys and resigned his job in 2010 to become a professional blogger. Nirmal is a famous Youtuber for Technology & Gadget reviews having a channel with more than 2,000 videos and 56,000+ subscribers.

3) Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan started his blogging life in 2008 with the most popular niche blog called KSRTC Blog & Aanavandi. KSRTC Blog is one of the top blogs from Kerala and having a daily visitors of more than 30,000 people all over the world. He also has a couple of Facebook pages and having more than 6 Lakh followers on it. Sujith started his blogging life from the graduation college and he continued with the dream to become a pro blogger. Sujith is an avid traveler and he is also having a blog called Tech Travel Eat and he writes articles and reviews on Technology, Travel & Food

4) Anil Philip

Anil Philip is an online media professional, journalist, and blogger, with an engineering background. He started writing for online news websites and blogs from 2001. In 2009, he started Kerala IT, a comprehensive news portal about IT in Kerala. This was followed by Kerala Biz in 2011. He is also a guest faculty for online media for the last ten years and is very active on Facebook and Twitter. As a Television journalist, he has worked for CNBC, TV Today – Aaj Tak and DD News.

5) Shyamlal T Pushpan

Shyamlal T Pushpan is a technical consultant, trainer, writer and blogger. He is a tech Evangelist and answers tech queries on his phone, his blog named His tech articles are at One of his major community achievements is a free video blog on complete IT infrastructure training and is showcased at You can find his complete profile and blogs at

6) Akhil G

Akhil is a BSc Chemistry Graduate who started his blogging life around 4 years ago. he is recognized and trusted as a digital strategist with a strong track record of community building. He is also a skilled technology writer and widely-read blogger. He is also a Microsoft Lumia India influencer and Xiaomi official news team member. He blogs at and

7) Shyam Achuthan

Shyam Achuthan is a Web Applications Architect and Blogger, and a startup enthusiast. Co-Founder of, TunerLabs. After a failure in his first start-up TunerLabs, He is now working as Senior Technical Architect for a startup. Apart from his core technical knowledge about web apps, his major foucs area is Internet Marketing & SEO. Takes part in major Growth Hacking conferences and contributes & shares experiences with startups.


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