Few days ago, I have got my Reliance Jio sim card to use with my Samsung Galaxy A5. This is because Samsung and Reliance Jio 4G have tied-up for a scheme, where users of top-end Samsung smartphones are able to get the Reliance Jio 4G SIM and use the data services for free for the next three months.

Reliance Jio was currently offering the free data preview for the 4G SIM only with its Lyf brands of phones. Customers who had registered on the jio.com website, would get a preview code from the company, which could get used to get a Jio SIM with a Lyf phone. Now the preview offer has been extended to Samsung phones too. Though I am not sure about other devices.


How to get your sim card if you have a supported phone?

  1. Just download and install MyJio app from play store and generate your offer code.
  2. Visit Reliance Digital Store with your documents and 2 photographs and fill out the application form along with the print out of the barcode. You can find the nearby store from the MyJio app itself.
  3. Get Free SIM with free data and calls for 90 days
  4. Use the SIM on the device for which the offer was claimed
  5. Wait for your number to be activated, you will get an SMS and email confirmation.
  6. You may need to download all their apps to get the unlimited offer.
  7. You will start seeing a signal once your number is ready for tele-verification. Make sure your phone network is set on 4G/LTE preferred and VoLTE is turned on.
  8. Launch the My Jio app and click on the Avail offer button. Make sure to be on 4G and not WiFi at this time. You will now see the Unlimited 90 day offer confirmation screen. You will also get an SMS confirming the Jio unlimited Offer.

Which devices supports the VoLTE for Reliance Jio 4G?

Reliance Jio has officially shared the list of the devices which support the VoLTE in India. You could check the list if the devices mentioned below to know whether your device supports the VoLTE or not.

Buy LYF Phones with JIO Preview Offer

LYF FLAME 8 with JIO Preview Offer (Blue, 8 GB)

LYF FLAME 8 with JIO Preview Offer (Black, 8 GB)

LYF Flame 1 (White, 8 GB)

LYF Water 1 (Black, 16 GB)

LYF Wind 6 LS-5009 (Black, 8 GB)

LYF Water 2 (Silver, 16 GB)


These are the devices that support the VoLTE feature supported by the Reliance Jio. In case, your device is not listed in the above-mentioned list check the spec sheet for your device on our Phone Finder page whether your device comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor or not.



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