About us

Sujith Bhaktan T. R., a techie by profession with an engineering degree in computer science, is an avid traveler and foodie. Sujith’s Vlog on YouTube and own Blog Portal, branded as ‘Tech Travel Eat’ – highlighting his passions. He is recognized as ‘Kerala’s Favorite Influencer’ as he brings exceptional value to brands through his introduction of their products, properties and devices. His style of presentation is trustful and believable as he only speaks of things that he is fully convinced of. Sujith’s Vlogs and Blogs are entertaining, informative, energetic and highly watchable with exceptionally well-shot videos and high-quality sound recording and editing. They are well-researched and informative presentations that engross the viewers and readers. Sujith has covered some of the finest hotels, scenic resorts, described delicious food at fabulous restaurants, visited beautiful tourist destinations and covered major events.

Sujith is equally avid with modern technology as he is an engineer by profession. He has introduced and worked with National and International brands who trust his honest analysis of their products. His growing audiences, now clocking at millions of followers, both Malayalee and others – just love him. This creates a major impact on the Kerala marketspace and his promotions are most sought after as it can lead to an immediate spike in sales and interest in the product introduced. He has uploaded over 1,088 + videos and has a subscription base surpassing 1.5M+ with average monthly views of 15.5M+