Orange Travels Ernakulam – Bangalore – Hyderabad Volvo


Last week, I took a day running Volvo bus to Bangalore from Kochi. I had some work till noon and doesnt wanted to wait till the night, so I decided to book Orange Tours & Travels Multi Axle Volvo bus from Vyttilla.

The bus was on the schedule Ernakulam – Hyderabad via Bengaluru and departed from Vyttilla sharp at 13.30. Crew was some Telugu guys and everything inside the bus had a Telugu touch 😛

Bus was packed most of the times and people were boarding and alighting the bus from many places in between.

On board entertaining system were playing some worst quality videos and it was some Telugu movies, so most of the time i spent time watching movies on my mobile and sleeping. I was sitting in the front row and the front curtain was always kept down by obstructing the view to road and the bus crew didnt accept my request to raise the curtains which made my journey worse again. 😛

The blankets were clean and nicely packed. They had provided some snacks packets with a bottle of water to everyone.

We had our dinner from Salem Saravana Bhavan at 21.00 hrs and reached Madiwala by around 00.15 hrs midnight.

Orange Travels Ernakulam Bangalore Hyderabad Volvo Bus orange travels complimentary snacks orange travels complimentary snacks packet orange travels complimentary snacks and water bottle blanket inside orange travels volvo

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  1. I just liked the Comfortable Sleeper Seats in Orange Travels to book the ticket my friend shared a Saveplus Coupon where I got a 5% discount on the booked ticket. It was safe and a comfortable journey. Thank You

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