How to Upload Documents to Google Drive from WordPress?

Drivr Wordpress Plugin
Drivr Wordpress Plugin

Have you ever thought of connecting your Google Drive to WordPress Media Library? Then, here I suggest you a plugin which is available in CodeCanyon at an affordable price.

The Google Drive Plugin for WordPress, Drivr helps you to add files from your Google Drive Account to your WordPress site quickly and seamlessly. Drivr uses Google Drive Picker API to let users interact with their Google Drive Account.

Drivr plugin can be integrated seamlessly into the post editor. With a click on ‘Add From Drive’ button it lets you access your Google Drive Account in a Modal Window, which actually is known as Google Drive Picker.

Key Features

File Picker

  • View files from your Google Drive
  • Drag-n-drop upload files to your Google Drive Account
  • Search files within your Google Drive Account
  • Categorized tabs based on file types
  • Easily activate/deactivate and reorder tabs
  • BONUS: Search and embed videos from YouTube!

File Handling

  • Supports all file types
  • Embed Media files and Documents
  • Option to add files as plain links
  • Insert images to Visual Editor and as Featured Image
  • Options for images to change dimensions, add captions, etc

What can you use this plugin for?

1. To host Media and Download files in your Google Drive

There are multiple benefits for hosting your files in Google Drive. Especially when you have large files or videos to share.

  • Makes your site load faster
  • Saves disc space
  • Saves your website’s bandwidth
  • Zero Downtime

2. Embed Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

There is no better solution when it comes to managing your Documents online. Go host them all in your Google Drive and just use Drivr to embed them directly!

3. Search and Embed videos from YouTube

You can easily search for YouTube videos in the picker and embed them in just one click.

The plugin can be downloaded from CodeCanyon at an affordable price.  I have embedded all the files including images and power point slides in this post by uploading it to Google Drive which is connected with this website.

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