BarCamp Kerala – A day for unconferencing


BarCamp Kerala 18 – Micro Edition was my fourth BarCamp. It was conducted in Christ Knowledge City Campus, Muvattupuzha.

I personally attend this kind of events for networking. You can meet a large number of people who work in different sectors. There is no rule for BarCamp. Anyone who is interested can come and participate and anyone who is willing can take sessions. BarCamp is one of the best places to make some friends who have similar interest.

Barcamp brings together representatives from top companies in mobile and web development, entrepreneurial and software industries, bloggers, programmers, academicians, and students.

Courtesy: Shyamlal T Pushpan

The concept of an unconference is still relatively new in India. This space for peer-to-peer learning is completely participant-driven and has taken the shape of ad-hoc gatherings around the world to facilitate knowledge sharing. BloggerCon, FooCamp, and BarCamp are examples of an unconference where people volunteer, contribute and attend. It removes the need for a central authority and brings dynamism to the way an event is conducted.

Today’s BarCamp was something special and it is nothing that a new Digital Marketing Company called ‘Teezonic Digital Makers‘ has launched.

Teezonic Digital Makers is a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency, Teezonic mainly focuses on Digital Services, such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, In addition, Teezonic has a Web and Creative Section, which emphasizes Brand Identity Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development, etc. Teezonic is a collective venture of Geeks and Tech Enthusiasts, who met at BarCamp Kerala Summer 2014.

Speakers of BarCamp Kerala 2016
Speakers of BarCamp Kerala 2016

There were so much of interesting sessions taken on BarCamp Kerala – 18. I have got a chance to speak on “Blogging as a career”. Praseed Pai (Sr. Solutions Architect at UST Global) started with Keynote and followed by a speech from Kenney Jacob (Founder & C.E.O Ayruz Data Marketing)

Sharing the PPT of my session “Blogging as a Career”

[drivr id=”0B8ScfID1eOiGLXE0cWtHTVB0d3c” type=”application”]

Photo Session 😀

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