KSRTC takes Kerala blogger Sujith Bhakthan to court


The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has slapped a notice to the owner of the blog ‘www.ksrtcblog.com’ for “unauthorized usage of trademark” warning that appropriate legal action would be initiated against the blog with nearly five lakh fan base. “We’ve given the letter after it came to our notice that they are using the corporation’s trademark. The corporation has been using the abbreviated mark KSRTC since 1961 and has long established and vested legal and proprietary rights over the mark. Further it has come to our notice that they are hosting contents derogatory to the corporation,” its Managing Director Antony Chacko said.


He added the corporation is yet to get a reply. “We’re not in a hurry to take legal proceedings. We’ll wait for the reply and take appropriate decision. In a letter dated June 27, the corporation also demanded that all contents on the blog be removed. However, Sujith Bhakthan, the owner of the website, said he is prepared to defend if the corporation goes ahead with the legal proceedings.

“The blog was started eight years ago and provides critical information to commuters with regard to bus schedules and other matters related with the KSRTC. We won’t shut down the blog as demanded as it’s intriguing why the corporation suddenly slapped us with closure notice,” he said.

 The corporation in the letter accuses the blogger of using the website for “personal commercial gain”. “Yes though I have financial benefits by way of advertisements, I’m facilitating free marketing for the corporation,” Bhaktan said, adding he would send a reply in two days.
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