Adsense & Blogging – How to Make Money Online


Want to earn money from blogging? – learn exactly how with our blogging training course.

Just a few things, before you take a decision !

Can we earn a lot of money after doing this course? Unlike few other Digital Marketing training people, I don’t want to mislead you by showing a dream, which can’t be fulfilled. While it’s possible for you to become a freelancer after doing this program, earning a lot of money as a blogger and an affiliate marketer is a rare event and typically requires enormous amount of time, patience, skill and even luck. But, I can guide you by giving the best knowledge and ideas for achieving the success.

Is there any certification? No, We don’t provide any certification at present. What we can give is the best industry experience.

What is the duration of this course? You can complete the course in one week or a maximum of one month. We provide the training along with practical knowledge sharing.

What kind of practical experience I will get in this course? You will do a number of hands-on exercises & assignments to master various Digital Marketing concepts & tools. These opportunities includes managing social media profiles, perform SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategy, use various Digital Marketing tools, content marketing etc.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee? You need to pay us only after attending the first session and find its interesting for you.

Course Fee

At our place : Rs. 10,000/- per student (If you are coming as a group, we can talk about discounts)
Duration: Maximum of One month and Minimum of 7 Days (50 Hours)

At your place: Feel free to contact us for more details.

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