Kalidas Jayaram’s Poomaram Song is Viral in Social Media


Poomaram is the first film of Kalidas Jayaram, son of the famous Malayalam actor Jayaram. The movie directed by Abrid Shine has a song which is at the beginning.

The song ‘Njanum njanumentalum’ has become viral in social media by praising and trolling by various Facebook Pages. Many people have started imitating the song by their own, and all are becoming a huge success.

Poomaram is an Upcoming Malayalam Film Starring Kalidas Jayaram. Poomaram, a Campus Drama is the Debut Malayalam Movie in a Leading Role for Kalidas Jayaram.

Scheduled For a February 2017 Release, Poomaram also stars Kunchacko Boban, Meera Jasmine Among Others and is Written & Directed by Abrid Shine. Produced by Dr.Paul Varghese & Abrid Shine. Muzik 247 is the Official Music Label.

The infectious song from the upcoming Malayalam campus film ‘Poomaram,’ got more than 12.9 lakh views on Youtube in less than two days. It rose to sixth position in national hit chart as well.

The original song is here, have a look if you have not watched it so far.

The most interesting one is from the Troll Malayalam Facebook page. The creator has mocked a video by mixing the songs lyrics with an old Malayalam movie song acted by Nazir. You can find the video here:

The Asianet Music Program, Idea Star Singer Fame –  Antony John and his friends has shared a video of the song which is singing by Antony’s father.  The video has already become viral in Social Media. You can have a look at that video here.


Club FM has shared a parody song on their Facebook Page by relating the latest incident of people standing in front of ATMs for exchanging their currency notes. Have a look at this amazing video here.


Ismath, a local singer, has shared this song sung by her. You can find that video here.

There are much more videos are available on Social Media which is related to the new trending Poomaram Sing, I will be sharing some of the interesting clips here and please do comment if you have found any clips related to Poomaram.

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