Facebook Popup Like Box Plugin for WordPress


So, Are you struggling to increase the likes of your Facebook page? And you don’t wanna do a paid campaign for that on Facebook? If you have enough number of visitors to your blog, you can try this method to hike the number of likes of your Facebook page.

Turn visitors into fans! New visitors are usually costly to acquire, so it is vital that you get the most engagement out of every single visitor. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox helps you do that. While a popup can be intrusive when not configured correctly, this plugin is flexible enough to keep the user experience pleasant.


  • Facebook page is needed
  • Display the facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay
  • Limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors
  • Promote your own facebook fanpage
  • No api key needed

facebook-popup-like-box-wordpress-pluginHere, you just need to install the plugin and provide your page ID on the settings page.

Have you tried any other such Facebook pop-up plugin which works great and doesn’t irritate users? Do let me know via comment.

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  1. Thank you brother for this cool plugin….

    I’m trying this out on my father’s Facebook page

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