Sri Venkataramana Temple, Car Street, Mangalore, Karnataka


Sri Venkatramana Temple is centrally located in Mangalore city and having a history of more than 300 years. Car street in Mangalore is famous for this temple. Food is served for GSB community people. This temple was renovated during 2012.

Lord Venkatraman is another popular deity of GSBs going by the number of temples dedicated to Him both in Karnataka and Kerala. In Kerala He is known as Shri Venkatachalapati and the temples, Shri Tirumala Devaswom, the very name of Tirupati, the abode of the Lord.

The temple belongs to the Gouda Saraswat Brahmin (G.S.B) society of Hindus and it is a GSB denomination temple. Lord Sree Veera Venkatesha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) as its supreme deity, the temple has a glorious history of more than 300 years., being closely associated with Sri Kashi Math Samsthan since inception.

In early 17th century, a shrine of Lord Venkataramana was constructed with just a garbha gudi.  The images under worship were bronze idols of Srinivasa ensemble.  In 1804 Lord Veera Venktesha was installed as the presiding deity.  Lord Sri Venkataramana is the predominant deity of the Gowda Saraswat Brahmin Community.

The main attraction here is the Car festival that happens somewhere in between the month of January and February. The festival spans six days ending with Holi.

Sri Venkatramana Temple – History

The Sri Venkatramana temple has a rich history. The Vaishyas were the main residents of this place and when the Portuguese invaded the place, the Vaishyas had to move southwards. This is how many of them settled in Mangalore. Sri Venkatramana was the chief deity of the Vaishyas and the temple was built by members of their community.

The chief deity has other deities along the side like Sridevi and Bhoodevi. These deities are made of panchaloha – that is, five metals were used to make the statues. Lord Venkatramana holds the chakra in his right hand and the shankh on the left hand.

The goddess Sridevi is symbolic of prosperity and wealth and Bhoodevi is an embodiment of sanctity, prakriti and success. The temple was built during the seventeenth century and the main idol was erected at the primary sanctum of the temple.

The temple also houses other deities like Veera Vittala, Garuda Vahana Shri Gopalakrishna, and Shri Mula Venkatramana. The statue of Naga Devata is present in the temple’s outer circle.

Sri venkatramana Temple, Car Street, Mangalore
Sri venkatramana Temple, Car Street, Mangalore

How to Reach?

The temple is located at a prominent location in the heart of the Mangalore city. It is possible to reach the temple easily as there are city buses and auto rickshaws that are available. There is enough parking space in front of the temple and still you may find difficulties during peak time.

Contact Information

Sri Venkatrama Temple,
Carstreet, Mangaluru,
Karnataka 575001
0824 242 3455

Nearby Attractions

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