We are all born with unique talents, likes, interests and passion that we all keep close to ourselves during our growing up years. However, as we grow into adulthood, we often lose connection to it. Caught up in the responsibility of daily lives, our passion and true desire are often given a backseat. We decide to play with them later and that ‘Later’ never comes. All that we are left with is loads of ‘Regrets’ and ‘What ifs’.


But, however in our very own Kochi we are beginning to see a change, a bunch of friends are are trying to bring a revolution to empower the dream chasers. As the name suggest they are all set to help you redraw your life. “Everyone in the team has over 2 years of experience working with corporates. It is actually that 5 day work week and long working hours, which made us realise that passion and interest beyond the routine work was finding it difficult to grab a screen space in our daily lives. This was the case with so many of our friends too. That’s how we friends gathered together to bring a change to the scenario”, Joel the CEO of the venture unravelled how it all started.


Being travel and adventure junkies themselves, the Redrawlife team first set to build a community of adventure lovers and travellers in the state and help them cut short their bucket list. Sreeraj and Vishnu the other founding members of the venture added that “Today, almost ninety percent of the population are passionate about travelling and open to new rejuvenating experiences. They are on a constant look out for adventure. But, however there no suitable aids telling when and where! We are trying to address this problem and bring out a long term sustaining solution to the existing schema.” As it can be seen on the Redrawlife website, it opens up a wide variety of adventure activities ranging from paragliding and scuba diving to base camping at the Mt.Everest. They are making the process of exploring and experiencing these exciting activities easier and pocket friendly!


The weekend events unveil the less explored exoctic locations in and around the state. Camping and trekking events at Meesapulimala, Kodai and Kodachadri are few to mention.  All the events going pre-booked itself is an evidence to the larger crowd of folks who are passionate about adventure and travelling.


The team is joyous with the positive feedback and responses that they have been getting from the crowd. They are looking forward to a diversification in the upcoming days. They will be providing a space for other creative passions and interests as well. “Passion is anything that keeps you happy and you enjoy doing. It cannot be defined a well established limits. At Redrawlife, every passion will have a space. It’s going to be hard and overwhelming. But, how can the work of changing the personal world of each person be less difficult?”, the team at Redrawlife is prepared for all the challenges and difficulties that they would have to face in the process of realisation of the vision. For them it’s more than a startup, it’s a revolution in itself to change the way people look at passions. The unbridled enthusiasm and energy that these youngsters carry are soon going to drive the winds of change here. Redrawlife is the new address to look out for enriching experiences and explore new passions.


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