Santhigiri Ayurvedic Massage Center & Spa in KTDC Aaranyanivas Hotel, Thekkady


Are you looking for the best massage parlors/spa in Thekkady? Tired of finding the real and authentic massage centers? I am sure that this article will help you to find the best Ayurvedic massage center in Thekkady. Especially if you are staying inside Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Periyar tiger reserve in Thekkady offers the best stay for tourist inside the forest. Only KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) and forest departments are having cottages or hotels inside the tiger reserve. All other private properties are located just outside the tiger reserve and you will not get the feel of staying in the real forest anywhere else.

The treatment room of Santhigiri at Aranya Nivas
The treatment room of Santhigiri at Aranya Nivas

KTDC has three properties in Periyar Tiger Reserve. One is a premium property called Lake Palace Resort, which is located on an island inside the forest which is surrounded by lake and access to this property is only by their boat. Another one is a luxury property called ‘Aranya Nivas’ which is located just near to the boating counter and Aranya Nivas is having facilities like Spa, Swimming Pool and all. The last one is Periyar House, which is a budget property situated near to Aranya Nivas which is having rooms with forest view and doesn’t have the spa or any other facilities apart from the restaurant. But all the guest staying in their hotels can make use of the Spa at Aranya Nivas by taking a prior appointment.

The spa at Aranya Nivas is managed by Santhigiri Ayurveda Healthcare Center and they have different treatment packages available for the guests. Previously I had written an article about Santhigiri Ayurveda Massage center in Kumily, and this center inside Aranya Nivas is their outlet and far better than the one in Kumily. Treatment charges are a little higher here but it’s definitely worth for the service they are providing.

So, if you are staying in any of the KTDC Hotels in Thekkady, don’t go anywhere else for taking the massage, Santhigiri in Aranya Nivas is the best option for authentic ayurvedic massage. You can just rejuvenate your body mind and soul within the hotel premises itself.

Also, most of the massage parlors in Thekkady is running by targeting tourist from Travel agents as well as taxi drivers. They do pay a large amount as commission for them. If your taxi driver or travel agent is taking is taking you to some massage parlors, you will be charged approximately 50% extra than the real price and don’t get surprised that their commission on a sale is 50%.

Treatments available in Aranya Nivas

1) Abhayangam (Full body massage) of 60 minutes at Rs. 1800+ tax. Abhayangam is a process of medicated lukewarm oil is massaged all over the body in a definite rhythm.

2) Elakkizhi also known as herbal leaf pack massage, which is of the duration 75 minutes will cost you Rs. 2500+ tax. In Elakkizhi, fresh herbs are cooked in Ayurvedic oils and packed into bags which are continuously dipped in medicated oil and applied all over the body in a peculiar pattern.

3) Udwarthanam, also known as herbal powder pack massage. It is of the duration 75 minutes and the charge Rs. 2500+tax. In Udwarthanam, medicated powder is rubbed all over the body against the direction of hair follicles.

4) Sirodhara (Full body massage) is 75 minutes and cost you Rs. 2500+tax. Medicated oil is continuously poured over the forehead and scalp in an oscillatory manner followed by a head massage. The process is an effective treatment for relaxation of mind as well as the body.

5) Head Massage of 30 minutes duration at a cost of Rs 800 is available here. Medicated lukewarm oil is massaged over the head in a definite rhythm. Head massage will improve the blood circulation, promotes hair growth, reduces premature graying, relieves tension and improves sleep.

6) Face Massage (30 Minutes) can be done at a cost of Rs. 800+tax. Medicated lukewarm oil is massaged over the face in a definite rhythm. The face massage can improve the blood circulation, promotes healthy skin and reduces wrinkles, beautifies the face.

7) Foot Massage (30 Minutes) will cost you Rs. 800+tax. Medicated lukewarm oil is massaged over the foot in a definite rhythm to improves the blood circulation, relieves tensions and relax the body and mind.

8) Neck & Shoulder Massage is 30 minutes and costs Rs. 800+tax. Neck and shoulder massage will help you to strengthen the neck muscles, reduces the chances of cervical spondylosis.

9) Spinal Massage is 30 minutes and costs Rs. 800+tax. Spinal massage can strengthen the spinal muscles. Gives correct posture and reduces the chances of prolapsed disc. Medicated lukewarm oil is massaged over the spinal area in a definite rhythm.

10) Facial & Facepack: It is available for Rs. 1500+tax for 45 minutes session. A facial can give you a deep cleansing, deeper than the cleaning you will get at home. Facial includes cleansing as well as exfoliation which can help to unclog the pores and help to get rid of skin acne.

Contact Information

Santhigiri Ayurveda Healthcare Center
KTDC Hotel Aranya Nivas
Thekkady, Idukki, Kerala 685536
04869 222023, 222282, Ext – 229

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