KTDC Aranya Nivas Jungle Resort Thekkady, Photos, Tariff, Review, Video, Location

KTDC Aranya Nivas Thekkady
KTDC Aranya Nivas Thekkady

Aranya Nivas is a premium property of KTDC situated just near to the boat landing area in Thekkady which is inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Aranya Nivas is an authentic jungle lodge by the side of Periyar is the main attraction for wildlife enthusiasts and tourists. The hotel was opened to the public by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1963, the first Prime Minister of India. Aranya Nivas is one of the premium property of KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) and well maintained with the help of the professional, friendly and trained staff.

It is believed that the King of Travancore has constructed his summer house in the middle of the lake, which is presently the Lake Palace Resort and he built Aranya Nivas for his officials. There is one more property which is situated near Aranya Nivas, which is known as Periyar House now and it was constructed for the soldiers of King.

If you are planning to visit Thekkady and want to feel the real atmosphere of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Aranya Nivas is the best option. Aranya Nivas is located inside the wildlife area and very near to the boat landing place in Thekkady. Nowhere else in India, you can find a three-star resort like this in the middle of the forest.

The hotel building is built upon stones with a typical colonial style architecture. Aranya Nivas is having 30 rooms spread out of two floors. In that, there is an AC Suite, 9 Premium Rooms, and 20 Deluxe Rooms.

Most of the tourist visiting Thekkady is coming by booking hotels from travel agents or from travel websites. None of the travel agents in Kerala are promoting these hidden gems of KTDC Hotels. Only those who do a deep research on Internet are lucky enough to see about this property. This is because the travel agents are getting a huge amount of money as commission from private hotels and KTDC just provide a 20% discount for them. And I think you are lucky to read this article because you might be a one which falls under the category which I said above.

KTD Aranya Nivas - Entrance from Boat Landing Area
KTD Aranya Nivas – Entrance from Boat Landing Area

What is special with KTDC Hotels in Thekkady?

All KTDC Hotels are located inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and you can really feel the forest and nature by staying here. Forest Department, as well as KTDC, is organizing so much of activities including the famous boating in Periyar River. Getting a ticket for the boat ride is very difficult in Thekkady, especially during peak season. You get an assured ticket for the boat safari if you are staying in KTDC Hotels and you don’t need to spend your valuable time by standing in the queue. Please note that the boating ticket is not complimentary. The rate for the boating is Rs.225 per person and the duration is one and half hours.

KTDC Aranya Nivas Thekkady
KTDC Aranya Nivas Thekkady

The important thing which you have to follow if you are staying in any of the KTDC hotels in Thekkady is that you have to check-in to the hotel before 5.30 PM. Because the hotels are located inside the wildlife sanctuary and forest department will not allow anyone to go inside or outside after 5.30 PM unless there is an emergency. Also, you are not supposed to go outside the hotel premises after 5.30 Pm even towards the boat landing area. This is the forest law and strictly followed for the security purpose.

Facilities Provided in Aranya Nivas

1) Swimming Pool

Out of the three properties of KTDC in Thekkady, Only the Aranya Nivas hotel is having a private swimming pool which is available for residents only. The pool timings are from 8.00 Am to 7.00 Pm. Pool Costumes are a must here, so carry it with you. The pool is located on the hotel premises and just in front of the beer parlor and restaurant. The water is refreshingly cool and the pool is neatly maintained. Be careful about the Monkeys and maybe they will also come and join with you on pool sometimes. 😉

2) Beer Parlour

Aranya Nivas also has a beer parlor with a wide range of beers & wine. The beer parlor is just near to the restaurant and swimming pool and the best place to enjoy your drink to spend the evening. Though there are no outdoor activities after 5.30, the beer parlor here along with the swimming pool can help you to spend time.

3) Multi Cuisine Restaurant

There is a multi-cuisine restaurant available with various varieties of dishes. Food is priced economically and the staff is also cooperative. The breakfast and dinner are buffets. Their room tariff is included with Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner. (MAP Plan)

4) Ayurvedic Spa

There is an outlet of Santhigiri Ayurveda Massage Center inside the hotel. The spa is neatly maintained and priced affordable. The spa at Aranya Nivas is managed by Santhigiri Ayurveda Healthcare Center and they have different treatment packages available for the guests. I have written a detailed article about the Santhigiri Ayurvedic Spa here and the treatments they provide.

5) Indoor Games

They have a small library, A badminton court, Table Tennis etc for the guest. But you won’t find time to use all these because you will be busy enjoying the beauty of the forest.

Apart from all these, they do also provide travel assistance, money exchange service, car rental, laundry, doctor on call etc

Tourist Attraction Around

Plantations of tea and other hill crops en route, Boat Cruise in Periyar Lake, Trekking & Pleasure ride on Elephants and plenty of activities organized by department of the forest.


AC Suite will cost you Rs. 6000 for off season, 7500 during the season and 9000 during peak season. The tariff is for double occupancy.

Premium Rooms will cost you 4500 during off season, 6000 during the season and 7500 during the peak season.

Deluxe Rooms will cost Rs. 4000 during off season, 5500 during the season and 6500 during the peak season.

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Contact Information

Aranya Nivas (KTDC)
Thekkady, Idukki – 685536, Kerala, India
Phone: +91-4869-222023, 321930, 222779,
222283, +91-4868-250111
Fax: +91-4869-222282
E-mail: [email protected]

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