Thushaaram Home Stay Kuttikanam, Idukki – Your Personal Holiday Home

Thushaaram - A home away from your home
Thushaaram – A home away from your home

Thushaaram is a holiday house located in Pallikkunnu, Kuttikanam which is owned by Shyamlal T Pushpan, who is a technical consultant, trainer, and blogger from Alappuzha. Thusharam is a family owned property and Shyamlal purchased it around 30 years back. The homestay is located in a calm and quiet hillside and not so far from the green carpet of tea estates.

Thusharam is a fully independent home ideally located in a beautiful place. The property is spread over one acre of land which is having a beautiful landscape with a small river in the boundary. There is a small house rock house located in the middle of the property and having a living room, two-bed rooms, and a small dining area with all basic & modern amenities.

You can consider Thushaaram as a home away from home. Thushaaram is not a serviced villa. So don’t expect too much of hospitality persons around you but you get everything here to make your holiday memorable.

Thushaaram is surrounded by various species of trees, plants, and birds. The most common thing here is coffee. You can also find a small flow of water (you can even call it as Azhutha river) near the boundary of this property and definitely a good place to spend some time during your stay. There is also a small natural swimming pool (A Pond) just near to the building.

The stay at Thushaaram will give you a calm and quiet atmosphere and nature lovers will really enjoy the birds sound & weather here.

As I said above, there are two living rooms in Thushaaram and a maximum of 6-8 people can easily accommodate here without any problems. It is an ideal place for families with kids and elders who want to spend a weekend in a peace and calm location to relax themselves from the busy schedule of life.

Thushaaram is having all basic amenities for the guests. There are enough beds & extra beds available with blankets and towels. There are a mini refrigerator and an induction cooker available in the kitchen.

Thushaaram Home Stay Kuttikanam, Idukki - Your Personal Holiday Home
Thushaaram Home Stay Kuttikanam, Idukki – Your Personal Holiday Home


  • Individual 2 Bedroom villa
  • Television with DTH Connection
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Induction Cooker
  • Water Purifier
  • Power Backup
  • Basic Cooking Utilities
  • Natural water flows river
  • Camp Fire Facilities
  • Tent Facilities
  • Car Parking
  • Guided Sightseeing Trip
  • Food is available for guest upon request
Thushaaram - A home away from your home
Thushaaram – A home away from your home
Living Room
Living Room
Master Bedroom

How to reach Thushaaram?

Thushaaram has located just 3 Km from Kuttikanam Junction in Kottayam Kumily Road. If you are coming from Thekkadi, you have to take a right from Kuttikanam junction towards Kattappana and if you are coming from Kottayam, you have to take a left from Kuttikanam junction. If you are coming from Kattappana, Thushaaram is just 2 km before Kuttikanam junction.Kuttikanam is a small village in Idukki district and a great amount of forest area is spread out in Kuttikanam which is a home to a variety of flora and fauna. Kuttikanam is also famous for educational institutions. Marian College

Kuttikanam is a small village in Idukki district and a great amount of forest area is spread out in Kuttikanam which is a home to a variety of flora and fauna. Kuttikanam is also famous for educational institutions. Marian College, Marian International Institute of Management Mar Baselious Christian College of Engineering and Technology, IHRD College are some of the top educational institutions in Kerala which are located in Kuttikanam.

Azhutha River
A small pond near the property

Distance to Thushaaram, Kuttikanam

Kochi: 140 Km
Thekkady: 28 Km
Kottayam: 68 Km
Trivandrum: 212 Km
Munnar: 110 Km
Vagamon: 25 Km

Contact Information / Booking

You can contact Mr. Shyamlal T Pushpan for bookings. You can reach him on +91 9061055469.

When you call, please mention that you have got this number from Tech Travel Eat and you may get some discounts.

Nearby Attractions

  • Parunthumpara, It gives the panoramic view of the entire Peerumedu region.
  • Baker Hills aka Thrisangu Hills
  • Panchalimedu – A view point
  • Valanjanganam Waterfalls
  • Thekkadi
  • Nallathanni View Point

Final Verdict

Thushaaram is ideal for families and friends who want to spend a weekend or holiday in a calm and quiet place. Don’t expect any luxury here, but you get all basic amenities required. Thushaaram is neat and clean and located ideally in a good location. Nature and climate here will pamper you all the time and make yourself feel comfortable.

  1. Hello,
    Its grateful to know about Thushaaram and its a great share for travelers!!! Actually Munnar is one of my favorite place and lots of attractive places are there. When i traveled to Munnar, I stayed in homestay near Kallimali view point and they gave me some more information about Munnar and attractions. I really enjoyed that moment with Bethlahem Homestay. This is their website I think is will help the travelers.

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