Bannerghatta National Park lies on the outskirts of Bangalore. It houses a variety of animals and birds with special mention to reptiles including many varieties of snakes and crocodiles. A number of different types of birds can also be seen. Tiger, bears, apes are present as well.

The safari ride is the best part which can not be missed. The vehicle took us on a hill through a winding path crossing different sections of wildlife. I remember passing through the deer section, the bears section and finally came the lions and the tigers.

The lionesses looked calm and walked down the forest on their own. Was lucky to see a lion sitting very close to our van. The lion was huge and I got an opportunity to look straight into his eyes. That’s a moment to remember. Overall it was an adventurous experience and the view of the forest from the top of the hill was beautiful. The lush greenery around was picturesque.

Compared to other national parks / zoos this is the best place to visit. The trip is not complete without the Zoo Safari. It is well connected to the city with many buses plying from Majestic.


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