I am using Reliance Jio sim since the preview offer started and was pretty much happy with the service. But the problem has started a few weeks ago that I am not able to make any calls even when I haven’t used any data on that particular day.

Whenever I am trying to make calls, It needs at least 5 minutes for getting the call connected. And that really make you angry.

Here is a video which I have taken now when I tried to make a call with Reliance Jio sim, and later I ended up making the call with my Vodafone Postpaid connection.

So guys, let us just figure out how Reliance is gonna rule the world if things are going like this?

Dear Reliance Team, Do you think people will come towards you after you end up giving the free data/call offer if things are going like this?

Update from State Connectivity Lead of Reliance Jio on behalf of this post.

Airtel Vodafone and idea has ganged up and are not providing Connectivity to Jio.. they say offer what we are giving is against their money making interest.. calls to bsnl, Docomo mts etc no problem certain number series of idea no issues. Jio has filed the petition in DOT, speaking on behalf of consumers are denied freedom to access free calls by airtel idea Vodafone.. hopefully will be able to resolve soon.

And yeah, I have tried calling BSNL number and its working perfectly fine. 😉


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