Featuring Joerik and Pauline

A letter to Mahindra by Joerik and Pauline

Dear Mahindra Adventure,

4 months ago we left with this 2004 maxi cab from Kerala. We crossed India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Europe. We conquered deserts, Himalayas, the sun, rain, and snow. This Adventure has been so wonderful! Tomorrow we will arrive Home in Holland. Mahindra number one!!

 Joerik and Pauline from The Netherlands. One year ago they quit their job and left home.

They felt a big urge to step out of the predictable daily life. Restricted by organised society, they somewhere had a strong feeling that life has more to offer. So they took a dive into the big unknown. Adventure!

In July 2015 they started backpacking. First India, then Nepal and Indonesia. It has been the best decision ever they made. There were a lot of beautiful places, people and moments but also many hard ones, confronting lessons… they’ve learned so much from these past 7 months. It has brought them closer to themselves and closer to each other.

At that moment they are back in India and launching their plan: Bring us Home: a 13,560 km trip from India to Holland. Let em first introduce themselves a bit more before they explain all of it.

The first three months in India were fabulous. Wow, what a country! It felt good to be free. Totally free! After a few weeks, something unexpected happened. At the source of the holy river, the Ganges Joerik got on his knees and proposed to Pauline. We’ve been together for almost 4 years then. But Pauline never expected this since he always kept telling her marriage is old fashioned.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! After India and climbing the Mt Everest base camp in Nepal they got married in Ubud, Bali on December 12th, 2015. It was just Pauline and Joerik. Exactly how wanted it. They planned the whole thing during the trip, and it was the best day ever!


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