It was on August 2015, I planned a drive to Gundlupet during my visit to Wayanad. I always prefer to go to Gundlupet whenever I go to Wayanad. I normally make it as a round trip starting from Sulthan Bathery – Gundlupet – Bandipur – Gudallur – Sulthan Bathery. The main reasons are I get the following benefits

  1. A scenic drive through Muthanga wildlife forest
  2. Buying vegetables from Gundlupet (You can buy vegetables at cheaper rates directly from the farmers)
  3. Visit to Bandipur National Park
  4. A beautiful drive through Bandipur – Mudumalai National Park (Chances for spotting of animals are very high in this area)
  5. You can travel through three states (Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu) in 3-4 hours.

I always love to drive through the Bandipur – Mudumalai National Park which leads to Gundlupet in Karnataka from Gudallur in Tamil Nadu. State border comes in between the forest and the forest in Tamil Nadu state is known as Mudumalai Tiger Reserve which is a part of Nilgiri (Gudallur District) and the area in Karnataka is known as Bandipur National Park (Chamrajnagar District).

There is a night ban existing in this route from 9 Pm to 6 Am. The best place to travel is from 6 Am – 8 Am for spotting maximum number of animals.

indian elephants from bandupur mudumalai national park

Guar is also known as Indian Bison is most common in Bandipur National Park. The gaur is the tallest species of wild cattle.

gaur, indian bison from bandipur national park

Bandipur National Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful and the better-managed national parks of India. The park is famous for Tigers and Elephants.

Here is a trained mom and kid who is going for a morning walk. Spotted this once I was driving back from Bangalore via Bandipur.

trained elephants of bandipura national park

Marigold: A flower that is both common and irreplaceable part of our festivals in South India. Huge areas of Land is cultivated during the pre-monsoon to time their harvest for the festival season.

Gundlupet in Karnataka is famous for Marigold flower cultivation. Onam the Harvest festival of Kerala, all of which require a lot of these flowers. These photographs are taken on the previous week of Onam.

Location: Shot at Gundlupet, the last major town before you cross over into either Tamilnad or Kerala.




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