The Ultimate Guide To Vietnam’s Best Beaches


Idyllic tropical beaches in Vietnam have long been a perfect destination amongst the local and foreign tourists. Those who love an escape from the chaotic vibe of the city often choose walking around the long coastline or laying on the white sand. For adventurous travelers, going snorkeling and enjoying scuba diving to discover the turquoise water and get in touch with the marine creatures face to face are their favorite activities. In addition, accommodations near the beaches are also diversified for visitors to choose from, such as well-appointed resorts, budget bungalows, etc. Today, let’s check out the best beaches in this S-shaped country now!

1/ Nha Trang Beach

Situated on the South Central coast, Nha Trang is well-known as one of the picturesque beaches in Vietnam. Your mind will be blown and your body will be deeply rested with a paradise-like ambiance, crystal clear water, sea breeze as well as brilliant sunshine here. There is nothing greater than indulging yourself in fresh air, watching the sun going down on the ocean, sipping a glass of cocktail, and sweeping away pressure and hassle of life. You also have an opportunity to participate in a lot of fun activities, such as discovering tropical islands, playing thrilling water sports, tasting mouthwatering fresh seafood, etc. However, the beach often welcomes a considerable number of visitors in the high season. As a result, if you are just looking for a peaceful and relaxing beach, then Nha Trang may not be your top choice.

Panoramic view of Nha Trang, Vietnam, skyscrapers on beach

Where to stay? In general, the region has hundreds of luxurious hotels and guest houses that will surely fit any budget. Lucky Star – a 3-star hotel – should be added to your travel itinerary. In case you want to find the hotel that is not far away from the beach, staying in Evason Ana Mandara Hotel is a good idea!

2/ Da Nang Beach

Da Nang is a must-see destination you should visit once in a lifetime. Along with going shopping, relishing delicious dishes, or contemplating the scenery from the Ba Na Hill, Da Nang beach with a long stretch of golden sand and turquoise water is also another attraction that leaves tourists enthralled. In the mornings, it is easy to see a lively seafood market when fishermen bring their achievement to the beach and sell at great prices. In the middle of the day, foreigners like doing some tanning under the sun, while locals simply take photos and hang around with their loved ones. The beach gets busier and more crowded in the evenings, when visitors land on here to relax with friends or play sports. If you travel in group, let’s set up teams and play beach volleyball together.

Where to stay? For accommodation, checking in Zenta Hotel is a nice idea where some of the rooms here offer a view to the sea. For the more opulent stay, you can choose to rest in the Intercontinental Resort or Fusion Maia Resort.

3/ Mui Ne Beach

Endowed with long white sandy beaches, crystalline water, warm weather all year around, as well as fresh seafood, Mui Ne is listed as one of the perfect sports on Earth for a beach break vacation. When it comes to Mui Ne Beach, it seems a big pity to ignore kite surfers and wind surfers – the common activities to join in. Don’t forget to go ahead towards the fishing village where you can take many fantastic photos of the friendly locals and gorgeous sunset. Interestingly, Mui Ne also gets its name reputable for some beautiful sand dunes (white dunes and red dunes), along with “the fairy stream” which allows travelers to try going hiking in.

Where to stay? If you are a budget tourist, then checking in Nhat Quang Guest House is highly recommended. The reason is that the guest house is directly on the beach, and next to the fairy stream. For the more sumptuous accommodation, select Sea Links Beach Resort & Golf or Anantara Mui Ne Resort.

4/ Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island (Bãi Sao)

Located on the Phu Quoc Island, Sao Beach wins an award for a remarkable stretch of white sandy beach and crystal calm water, which are suitable to spend a lazy day, go fishing, or even enjoy a snorkeling tour here! From December to March is considered the peak season where a number of tourists flock to the beach. Although it may become quite crowded at that time, this does not even change the fact that the vibrant colors of the water, sky, sand and foliage do create a serene vision of bliss. Sao Beach particularly attracts lots of families with kids, since the warm water at the shore is very shallow without any dangerous rocks or sudden drops.

Where to stay? It’s highly advisable to rest at some hotels close to the main town of Phu Quoc (called Duong Dong). Novotel Phu Quoc Resort may be a fine option since it is the nearest upscale hotel.

Dam Trau Beach, Con Son Island – Con Dao

Dam Trau Beach is usually the top priority of many travelers. For them, everything here goes beyond imagination, from warm turquoise water and fine golden sand, to lush tropical jungle and old green pine trees. Whether you want to lie on a wooden sun lounge, on the sand, or even in a hammock in the shade, you still gain deep refreshment and relaxation. Don’t hesitate to try fresh seafood here with a reasonable price.

Where to stay? The Six Senses is suited to those who want to have an opulent stay on the island. In case you simply need a place to rest after a long day of discovery without requiring many modern facilities, it is advisable to skip the mid-range resorts. Instead, look for some fine guest houses now!

Author Bio: Thien Nguyen is a travel journalist and blogger on – At Viet Fun Travel we provide you with all the useful information on travel related stories and travel tips in Vietnam.

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