“AANAVANDI” (nickname for Kerala State RTC buses) is an APP that allows users to search for details of Kerala State RTC Interstate buses and all other buses running in kerala This is purely an unofficial amateur free App meant for the convenience of public/users who want to travel in Kerala RTC Buses.

Same services are available on the web version www.aanavandi.com and this website is 100% responsive over all kind of devices.


Aanavandi Android & Windows apps does not require an Internet Connection to display the data. So, once you have the downloaded, you get all the data from your mobile phone without even having an Internet Connection. Aanavandi provides frequent updates on database changes happens.

Aanavandi is the product from Team KSRTC Blog. KSRTC Blog is a travel website which provides each and every updates about KSRTC to the public since 2008.




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