Allo from Google – It’s not Just Another App

Google says Allo

It’s not “just another app” – Allo from Google! Google has rolled out its All-new Messenger app “Allo” on 20th September. The expectation was just another app like Whatsapp, line etc. but the addition of Google Assistant changed it all. Here is a small review of the preview edition.

The notable feature of Allo is the “Assistant “which used search database of Google and its knowledge bank- which do not have any competitor till now!

Google says Allo
Google says Allo

As mentioned,  Allo is different from other similar apps for the reason, none other than the inclusion of Assistant. Google’s creative way of integrating its search app to Messenger has changed it all.

The assistant is there in the contact list and you can just chat to the assistant and get instant help. It not only response to your query quickly, also help you with almost anything you needed to know.

Ask a question, search the web, get the weather update, dollar price, share price, get general information soon and the immediate response will be there. It not only answers your queries but also helps you when you get bored by reciting poems, playing games, quiz etc.

You can subscribe for interesting facts, whether news etc. on a prefixed time daily, apart from live play.

It will try to make you laugh by sending jokes if you tell him that you are bored…! Or try a listed funny videos, play a game, try some riddle or go through some quotes, proverb or poems.

The best feature is in assistant is that it will give you one line answer if the question is asked clearly. For example dollar price, date of birth of famous people, the help of tie a tie etc… in normal case we do a search in the Google and it gives you list of 100s of websites and has to go through each to get the exact answer. The smart reply from the assistant will save data as well as time.

Astonishingly it can identify most of the images also. You can take a photo on the inbuilt cam or send a photo from your phone, the assistant will recognize the images and will give you some suggestion or more information if required by identifying the image.

Unlike WhatsApp, Allo allows you to change the size of the text. You can drag the Send Key up and down to change the size of the font. A long press in the text message will show you who has seen your message when you send a message to a group. You can also find an automatic reply from Google when you got some pictures. If some of your friends send you a picture of a baby, Allo will recognize the photo and will show some reply option like cute, awww etc. you may just select the reply and send to your friend.

Incognito Mode

You can opt for Incognito Mode for a private chat. It is an end-to-to encrypted message and Google says it will not save such messages on their server.

Enhance photographs with pen tool

Allo gives you an option to beautify your picture with “pen” tool. You can add comments on the photographs or try your art on it!

Call assistant in between personal chats

During a chat with your friend, you can call Google assistant by sending a message @google. Assistant will give you reply to your query on the chat window itself.

The major constraint in Allo as per the users is the voice calls. Sources say that Google is busy to integrate Duo to Allo for voice and video calls..!

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