Keep Your Vehicle Safe with Daddys Road Mobile App

Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App
Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App

Technology is aiming for zenith through various innovations. Life has become much easier and manageable via endless facilities provided by different gadgets and its applications. Though there had been innumerable applications lending us help in shopping, ordering food, booking cabs and much more, lack of a suitable application for dealing with vehicle issues was a major concern since long. Daddy’s road comes as a saviour providing much help for reducing this concern.

Daddy’s road is an application which is completely devoted to providing safety to vehicles and its owners. The application which has a 4.9 rating at the google play store is showered with positive reviews from users all over the country for its effectiveness.

Registration of vehicles number along with contact details is all that you need to get access to its utility.

Among the different purpose that it serves, one of the best features of this application is that it lets you save the copies of your vehicle-related documents including RC book, insurance papers and others into your account.

A user can also add reminders for paying tax, renewing documents etc using this application, which serves to help you even when you are offline.

Moreover,Issues regarding parking space and accidents can be minimised as this application enables its users to track a person’s contact details through their vehicle number if they have their numbers registered on this app. But this becomes a drawback as it cannot provide you with the information of people who haven’t registered to it.

Gaining proper data from RT office regarding every person’s vehicle details could probably serve as a solution to this.

Besides these, driving safety assistance is another inevitable feature offered by this application. Users can add two emergency contacts into their account so that they will be alerted if the user encounters with an accident or any other emergency situation. The application aims at both car and bike users.

Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App
Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App
Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App
Screenshots of Daddys Road Mobile App

Daddy’s road  with the tagline ‘drive with us’  manages to fulfill every promise that it  makes and is definitely a sure try for all those who own a vehicle and wants to keep it safe.

Daddy’s Road Mobile App is available for both Android and IPhone users.

Click here to download Daddy’s Road Mobile app for Android from Google Play Store. Click here for IPhone users.

Also contact: 91-9901494681
Email: [email protected]


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