Telegram Messenger, a Messaging App Which Is Smart Future-Proof


Mobile messaging apps are massive, according to Business Insider, Top Messaging apps have userbase larger than Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter Combined. But Only a few of the top competitors are developed enough to monetize the possibilities of this vast global user base.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp which is recently acquired by Facebook is currently the top messaging app considering its user base. But whoever has tried all the other alternatives Like Telegram, a future proof will likely to say WhatsApp is not a feature-proof messaging app available in the market.

Telegram Messenger has been known as the ”Father Of WhatsApp ” among hardcore Telegram geeks. Well, it is only a saying but if you ever used the Telegram features like its highly encrypted Secret Chats, Channels , Bots you wouldn’t deny . It is founded by Pavel Durov who is a Russian entrepreneur behind Russia’s top social network

It has native clients on every platform including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It is well known for its robust security features like, end to end encryption and secret chats which helps users to share messages with manual timer’s for auto deletion from both participants device, with no trace left on the servers.

So Far, Telegram is the only messaging app which supports users to share upto file size of 1.5 GB, without no restriction on format. Supergroups In Telegram can accommodate Upto 5000 members and it is a great advantage over WhatsApp , which limits number of members in a group to 256 . In supergroups any shared files or messages are searchable even if its shared , before you’ve joined.

Telegram Channels lets users to broadcast text or any other media files to a large userbase, it can be subscribed by unlimited number of Peoples, you could even use it as a micro blogging platform. Bots are another feature which makes users switch to Telegram. It is simply Telegram accounts operated by software to do a particular task inside Telegram, by integrating with internet ex. Search Images, GIF’s, Stickers, Wikipedia , Broadcast News and Weather , Translate to different languages or even search and download YouTube videos !.

Most of these features are available inline (use along you type it ).Recently launched Google Assistant on Allo is the only feature which is somehow similar to Telegram Bots, It’s Bot API and platform is open for third-party developers to create new bots. In Future we could expect bots for Booking Movies, Shopping, Banking Transactions, etc.

Latest additions in Telegram are Its Social Gaming Platform and Instant View, Using @gamee you could play small games and puzzles within the app, or you could even challenge your friends. Instant View is another exciting feature which helps users to share articles, which loads lightning fast inside the app, with richly formatted content like images and GIFs.Other features of telegram includes Custom Username for both, users and public groups, Stickers, GIF’s, Replies, Mentions, joining link for private chats etc. Most of these features are introduced first in Telegram, some of them still remains only in it.

In Brief, Telegram Messenger is the only future proof and convenient messaging app which gives its users, strong security and tonnes of features to integrate their social life at ease, than any other instant messaging app available in the Market and it promise to stay free forever without no ads.

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