www.tastyspots.com is a free and straightforward platform for foodies to explore unique, traditional and authentic food spots that can provide you with the best food experience.

Are you a foodie who like to explore local restaurants? Every foodie likes to explore different food places, seek out authentic and local flavours, and search far and wide for tasting something like never before. Now your hunt for the best local food is going to end at this website and their mobile apps. And yeah, Tasty Spots is going to be the next guide for all foodies in Kerala.

Within a short period of 60 days, Tasty Spots has crossed One Lakh number of downloads, which is apparently giving the idea that how powerful and simple is this application for foodies. Tasty Spots App currently display food joints from Kerala, and the team is working hard to expand the area to other states and even in Gulf countries.

Most of the times, what we need is a positive suggestion that delivers an ultimate food experience to make foodies like us happy. The very birth of TastySpots is from this pure thought, and it changes the way a foodie thinks about food.

We might find some food spots that meet our expectations concerning taste, ambience, and service, whereas a few others may not be the best. We build our hopes for finding mouth-watering dishes and authentic preparations. TastySpots gives a curated list of these spots to meet every foodie’s desire to find good food, correct information, and right recommendations.

The passionate team behind TastySpots shares common dreams about business, technology, travel and above all, food. Each one is an entrepreneur with expertise in a domain that they head within TastySpots. TastySpots proves to be a delicious mix of all these ideas and talented insights. It takes pride in collecting, filtering and organising the world’s diverse tastes and food experiences and delivers them on-demand in as much detail as possible.

TastySpots would soon be our most trusted friend to hold our hands and show us where to go and what to eat.


Abdul Manaf, CEO & Founder of Tasty Spots today announced the official launch of their mobile Apps. I have installed it on my Samsung Galaxy A5 and found it very much attractive and helpful for all foodies who wanna experience the best local restaurants. “Tasty Spots is now listing out almost all the famous food joints in Kerala, and we are planning to expand the listing to Karnataka & Tamil Nadu soon,” Said Abdul Manaf to Tech Travel Eat.

Now, let us try their mobile app. I have installed it on my Samsung Galaxy A5, and the interface seems to be attractive and elegant. You can connect the app by using your Facebook or Google profiles. Click here to download Tasty Spots


Restaurants are listed based on locations. You can also use the provided map for choosing the place. Click here to download Tasty Spots

  • Find the Popular, Unique, Authentic or Best Restaurants
  • Recommended Dishes with Photo, Description, and Rating
  • Watch Exclusive Videos and Photographs of Each Restaurant
  • Red Detailed Write-up about Each Restaurant, Timing, Cuisines and Other Details
  • Food, Ambiance and Service Ratings
  • Use Nearby, Open Now and Veg Only, Cuisine Filters to Find the Restaurants that suits you best
  • Create Food Profile, Post Ratings, and Reviews for Restaurants and Dishes
    Upload Photos

So, why are you waiting? Tasty Spots app is going to be viral soon. Foodies, don’t waste time. Download the app now itself. Click here to download Tasty Spots



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