19th August: Vellarada(Thiruvananthapuram) to Podiyadi(Thiruvalla), 160KM

22nd August: Podiyadi(Thiruvalla) to Gandhipuram(Coimbatore), 280KM

27th August: Gandhipuram(Coimbatore) to Hootagalli(Mysore), 220KM.

My plan to bring my bike from my hometown to my workplace turned out to be one of the most memorable trips of my life. To travel close to 660KM, on an 110cc bike, you would be thinking I’m insane. But everything happened as such. Nothing was planned until I reached Thiruvalla with my brother on 19th.

My sister came to Thiruvalla on 20th. On 21st first morning something struck me. If I can ride 160KM, why can’t I take the bike to Coimbatore? Then with my sister I rode till Coimbatore and kept the bike there. On 27th, with my roommate Bonny Philip we went to Coimbatore and rode the bike to Mysore. The images which we took on our phones (Asus Zenfone 2 ZE 550KL and Leeco 1S) are attached herewith.

We started at around 9.45 from Gandipuram. The path we chose is Gandhipuram-Annur-Puliyampatti-Sathyamangalam-Dhimbam Ghats-ChamarajaNagar-Nanjangud-Mysore. My bike is Honda Dream Neo. We filled petrol from an outlet near Gandipuram and per litre price was just 59. Till Bannari check post, Bonny and I rode alternatively.

The ride was normal till Bannari. Bannari is like starting place of the forest area. After a while, we reached the base of Dhimbam Ghats. That ghat region was nearly 11KM. There were 27 hairpin bends and my bike didn’t even misbehave once. 25 hairpins we went in second gear, one on first and one on third. Bike’s response was just awesome.

We stopped every 40-50KMs to reduce the strain of the bike. The portion between Asanur and ChamarajNagar was the highlight of our ride. The road is through a forest-like, lonely area. But the road was too good and it was surrounded by trees. So during the noon time, we were driving through road with shadows.

After we reached ChamarajNagar, the road we chose to Nanjangud, was under construction and we had to struggle a bit. The main reason of our tiredness after the trip was that stretch. Once we reached Nanjangud, it was all easy. We had our lunch very late at 4.30.

The Ghats and the stretch between Ghats and ChamarajNagar were the main highlights of our trip. That was just awesome. Also, I won’t advise taking the trip on a bike below 150cc, as it can be tiring. Also, ensure that the bike is in perfect condition. If not, don’t try to take this road, as it can be very dangerous and can be lonely at times.


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