State Vegetable Farm, Vandiperiyar
State Vegetable Farm, Vandiperiyar

Farm Visit Tourism is most common in Kerala, especially in Thekkady area. Most of the private parties who own some kind of farms attract tourists by connecting with travel agents as well as local taxi people. They do charge a nominal amount as entry fee and you can visit the farm with the help of a guide. There are some farms who allow people to visit for free of cost as well.

I was driving from Thekkady towards Vandiperiyar on National Highway and before reaching Vandiperiyar I have seen a board written as “Govt of Kerala, Department of Agriculture, State Vegetable Farm’ and I decided to stop the vehicle and make a visit there.

It was a holiday and the office there was not working. But still, there were some employees who were working as gardeners.

I asked permission from one of them and went inside the farm. There were so much of plants and varieties of spices available. This is also a sales outlet for varieties of plantation crops.

The farm is neatly maintained with proper instructions given and the name of each plant are written on a small board everywhere to make us understand.

There was a huge flex with the details and importance of the fruit Peppino. They seem to be cultivating the Peppino fruit there. I couldn’t get many details about Peppino apart from this flex. Those who understand Malayalam can read more about Peppino from this image.

There is also a cardamom and fruit processing inside the firm. I will definitely make a visit here next time on a working day to meet the officers there to expand the information on this article.

Contact No:  04869-253543


State Vegetable Farm, Vandiperiyar
State Vegetable Farm, Vandiperiyar


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