Image Credits: saviogoafox (Instagram)

The India Government is going to roll out the new generation smart E-Passport which will be having enhanced security features such as bio metric details.

Image Credits: saviogoafox (Instagram)
Image Credits: saviogoafox (Instagram)

What is an E-Passport?

  • An e-Passport will be having an electronic chip.
  • It is also known as digital or bio metric passports.
  • The e-passport is likely to secure the data and faking will be extremely difficult.
  • The chip will hold the same information printed on Passport.
  • More than half of the UN member states started issuing e-Passports

The Government has given its approval for procurement of electronic contact-less inlays for manufacturing of e-passports to India Security Press (ISP) Nasik.

Image Credits: sauravarya (instagram)

India is the third largest passport issuing country after China and United States.


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