Share Auto is an integral part of common man’s life in most of the cities of India. Share auto is much more popular in Tamil Nadu.  If you have never seen those little crazy things on wheels here are some pictures:

share-auto-in-villupuram-tamil-nadu share-auto-in-villupuram-tamil-nadu2 share-auto-in-villupuram-tamil-nadu3 share-auto-in-villupuram-tamil-nadu4

Also, here are my considerations on how you can survive the uneven ride!

  • You will find that the drivers of these minimal dull and hot confines on wheels will call to you in a way that would make you feel that you have discovered drive salvation! Investigate when these folks says that there is sufficient space in the little confine for you to fit in!
  • On the off chance that you are not among the initial 6 individuals to board that pen, odds are that you won’t get a spot to sit!
  • The only advantage you get is that the share auto is much cheaper than a bus journey.
  • And here the auto run as bus.

When you are finally home just jump into that shower! You will need it!

Good luck! If you have some better tips let me know


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