The green ghats enroute to Wayanad has nine hairpin bends, each turn taking one to a higher altitude offering a better view of the picturesque plains below. Thamarassery Churam, route explored by a tribal was developed by the British.

Wayanad Churam aka Thamarassery Churam is one of the top tourist destination place in Kerala. The ghat section comes on the National Highway 212 which leads to Kollegal from Kozhikode and it is the gateway of the most beautiful place, Wayanad.

Ghat section is around 12 kms and it takes almost 30-45 minutes to travel and the most scenic places are near 8th and 9th bend. Photography of KSRTC Buses are the main attractions here. People just love to capture the beautiful state transport corporation’s buses pictures and videos

An arch on the top of Thamarassery Churam, this arch consider as the border of Wayanad District
An aerial view of Thamarassery Churam
A KSRTC (State Transport Bus) climbing the ghat
Thamarassery Churam
Adivaram Town, A view from the top of Thamarassery Churam
KURTC Volvo bus at Thamarassery Churam

top-view-from-thamarassery-churam top-view-from-thamarassery-churam2 water-fall-at-thamarassery-churam


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