A Trek in Kunti Betta, Pandavapura, Karnataka


Trips on Saturdays usually turn out to be the best, always. This Saturday (January 14th, 2017), I completed one of the best ‘Saturday-Trip’ of my life.

A gang of 12, in 6 bikes, varying from 100cc CD100 to 821cc Ducati Monster, decided to go to KuntiBetta(Karnataka) to see the sunrise from the hill-top. I never expected to come across what I saw there.

Previously, I have gone on a trek to Thekkan Kurishumala in South Kerala. There the path was well maintained and clear instructions were there on the way. But here it was not the case. We walked through the rocks, pits and cracks. To top it all, there was no light in the initial phase.

There were moments I felt that I was trapped. But eventually, all came good. I had the best trek of my life. We took the short-cut to go up so that we will reach the top before sunrise. But still, we took a lot of time to reach the top.

The path we took was not an usually used one.  It was cloudy at the top. So unluckily we were not able to witness sunrise in its full glory. But every drop of sweat that was shed there was worth it when we reached the top.

The breeze and the ambiance there on top were something to be remembered life-long.

Distance: 30KM from Suburban Bus Stand, Mysore

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