How to use toilets in flights?

It might seem a bit silly but people suffer from this phobia all over the world as they travel. It can be especially annoying when you are on a long haul flight. This article will show you how to get over a fear of the airplane toilet.

1. Get used to the sound of the airplane toilet. The sound of airplane toilets is the part that scares most people. The first thing you can do about it a day before your flight, try listening to airplane toilet flushing noises via YouTube. It will get you used to the sound.
2. Try to avoid using the airplane toilet. On the day of the flight if you suffer from nausea or vomiting (usually called airsickness) get a doctor to prescribe you an air sickness medication ( if needed). This way, if you suffer from that you will feel great and you won’t need to use the airplane toilet excessively.

3. If you are very scared of the noise, try this technique. Use this 3 step system.

  • 1)Go to the bathroom quickly
  • 2) Wash your hands and unlock the door
  • 3) Flush the toilet and get out as soon as possible.

4. If you are still scared of the airplane toilet, use this technique. Bring your iPod in the toilet and play loud music in your ears while you flush. It will drain out the noise and help you get it over with-quickly.

5. Be brave. You can’t get over your fear without bravery.

6. Talk to the flight attendant if you are really scared. Ask a flight attendant to tell you how the airplane toilets are made.

7. Bring a friend to stand outside the door, it may help

8. Dare yourself to stay inside the cubicle while it flushes. When you do, pat yourself on the back because you just overcame your fear of airplane toilets.


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