Aangan Down Town Restaurant Palarivattom Review, Menu, Photos

Aangan Down Town Restaurant
Aangan Down Town Restaurant

Good food has its own way of captivating the soul’s and imprinting a mark. Exquisite delicacies have always been a Keralite’s favorite. Various Restaurants are coming up with innovative ideas to provide a new dining experience to the people.

Gulf Malayali and IIM graduate  Mr.Ajay’s, ‘Aangan Downtown Restaurant’ at Palarivattom is indeed a delight for all the food lovers in the city. The restaurant which had its opening a few months ago is now crowded with people due to the variety of delicacies that it offers.

Aangan Down Town Restaurant
Aangan Down Town Restaurant

Be it tandoori, Chinese or Italian, this multi-cuisine restaurant offers numerous mouth-watering dishes which allures its customers to visit again and again.

Among the different cuisines that it offers, Aangan’s tandoori dishes stand out as a star. The restaurant provides innovative options of platters in this particular cuisine. This includes the Chicken tandoori platter comprising of tandoori chicken, Haryali Kabab, Sheekh Kabab and Malai Tikka served along with tandoori salad, rice, butter chicken gravy and butter naan and also seafood platter comprising of Karimeen Pollichath, squid and prawns served along with salad, and rice.

Each of these ensures to melt down in your mouth with an explosion of spices. Vegetarian food like paneer butter masala and aloo Gobi also tastes true north Indian.

Moreover, the restaurant has an incredible menu of mocktails, which is its another specialty. While the ‘wild shark’ mocktail offer tanginess in the best way possible, the ‘ strawberry mili rose’, a combination of strawberry sauce, carbonated ice , green chilly and many other special juices stands with pride as the chef’s choice which challenges to please every taste buds with its different flavors. Besides these, Italian dishes like ‘prawns alio alio’ are also in great demand.

The restaurant which has its very first branch at Kochi is also exceptional in terms of the raw materials used for preparation. “70% of the vegetables, spices and backwater fishes which we use are cultivated in our own farms, making it healthier to be consumed,” says Sooraj, restaurant manager. Although the ambiance could have been more appealing, Aangan ensures to please all the food lovers with the irresistible food and excellent customer service.

With an entirely different approach, the Aangan Downtown Restaurant is definitely worth a try. The restaurant does not fall under  budget or fine dining category. It also  offers free home delivery and functions from 12 AM to 12 PM.

Contact Information:

Aangan Downtown Restaurant,
Civil lane road, Palarivattom, kochi-25

Phone: 0484 4044038, 9072302231
Log onto: www.aangankochi.com
Email: [email protected]

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