Ming’s Wok Chinese & Thai Restaurant, Kochi – Review, Menu, Number


It’s a known fact that food is love and life for every Malayalee. We appreciate every kind of delicacies and are always game for experiments. Among the various food that we prefer, ‘Chinese ‘ tops our list of favorite food, sharing equal space with north Indian and Kerala Naadan food.


Acknowledging this mutual interest for Chinese, Numerous Restaurants are spread across Kochi, serving Chinese food to satisfy the people in the city. The ‘Ming’s Wok’ Restaurant at Panampilly Nagar is one such food destination which offers authentic Chinese and Thai delicacies. With no much time since its opening, this place has managed to grab the attention of foodies all over.

The Restaurant has various kind of dishes to offer. Let it be appetizers or the main course; one gets to make their pick out of many options here. For the starters, both vegetarian and Non- vegetarian dishes provided which includes soups, salads, and other dishes.

The chef’s choice of starter, ‘Drums of Heaven,’ which is deep fried marinated chicken lollipop pieces is nothing less than a delight. It has the right kind of sweetness and tanginess to offer which can captivate any taste buds.

The options for starters also include vegetarian dishes like crackling spinach Paneer, crispy, tangy mixed vegetable among the many others which stand as the showstoppers in its category. Moreover, Beef appetizers like the Bangkok beef and beef tossed in Hoisin sauce are worth finger licking.

Ming’s Wok has distinct varieties of food which falls under extremely spicy, medium spicy and non-spicy categories. In the main course, chilly, Red pepper chicken and chicken in Hunan sauce are the chef’s choices of incredibly tasty dishes which although excellent in taste but does not manage to fulfill the promise of being spicy. While the chicken in oyster sauce tastes real Chinese, other dishes in the main course like Paneer in hoisin sauce and dragon chicken are also quite impressive.


Among rice and noodles, Ming’s Wok special rice which is a combination of exotic vegetables sauteed with chili fried chicken with chef’s special sauce, and steam rice with pan fried omelet on top stands out as the star. This dish is an explosion of flavors with huge chunks of chicken making you crave for more. Chicken noodles and chicken fried rice are good with the apt amount of flavors and vegetable and chicken pieces.

In addition to this, Thai delicacies like Thai red and green curry and others like American chop suey are also available at Ming’s Wok Restaurant. With an average ambiance, this food destination provides a decent customer service.


Although the restaurant disappoints us with no options in desserts and mocktails, it sure does make it up with good taste, apt quantity, and affordable rates. The Ming’s Wok restaurant is worth a try.

Timing-11.30 A.M to 11 P.M


HB-06, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi.

Call: 9037899398, 0484-6008880

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