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Paal Ice, Kaloor, Kochi
Paal Ice, Kaloor, Kochi

Relishing and incredibly soothing is its effect in every single bite. The coolness that it imparts makes one crave for more and more. With irresistible sweetness and tempting recipes, desserts have always made it a point to captivate every soul without any fail. Lending atonement to both the body and the mind, a meal without a dessert is nothing but incomplete.

Kochi has acknowledged the simple taste of its residents and has many eateries in a store which offers mouth-watering desserts, spreading all across the city. Amongst the different options, ice creams have always stood high as the favourite choice of many in the category of desserts. From leading brands to local brands, we have some eat outs offering delicious ice cream varieties.

Paal Ice, Kaloor, Kochi
Paal Ice, Kaloor, Kochi

The ‘Paal Ice’ Ice cream shop located at Kaloor-Kadavanthra Road in Kochi is one such ice cream destination which began functioning only a few months back, and yet manages to satisfy the craving of the sweet tooth in the city. The shop which has only a single outlet in Kochi already has quite a fan following. They offer endless choices of ice creams, shakes and faloodas making people go gaga over its richness in taste.

The whole menu has been categorised into various sections which include distinct types of sundaes like a Hot chocolate sundae, Dry fruit sundae and special sundae. Falooda’s and funny faced( a category meant for kids) also forms another type of preference. In every category, at least ten choices of ice cream combinations are suggested, making this place one of its kind for its variety of options.

The Hot chocolate fudge which falls under the hot chocolate sundae category is worth a try for every Chocoholic. The eye-catchy chocolate covered cone on top, the hot chocolate sauce beneath and the nutty and crunchy effect all over it, makes this sundae irresistibly tasty and refreshing. In addition to this, the cloud nine ice cream which a combination of orange, pineapple and mango ice cream along with fresh fruits and nuts and the French Limpak ice cream which consist of strawberry, vanilla and black current ice cream topped with dry fruits , strawberry and black current sauce are purely innovative in both in terms of idea and taste.

Faloodas are the most preferred variety at Paal Ice, and the shop has around fifteen types of falooda’s in store. Among this, the Paal ice special falooda is a huge hit with its precious share of fruits and nuts added into the ice cream. Although the faloodas are something to look forward to, the excessive amount of nuts and fruits sometimes tends to overpower the taste of the ice cream in the dish.

With an affordable rate, this ice cream destination has indeed set a standard with its impressive presentation and ambience. Moreover, the shop also offers fruit juices and stick ice creams. Customer service is satisfactory here, making this place worth a try. The store is open from 10 AM -10.30 PM.


‘Paal Ice’, Kaloor – Kadavanthara Rd, Kathrikadavu,
Kaloor, Ernakulam, Kerala 682017
Phone: 0484 406 3300

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