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I was driving back home from Ernakulam last week and nowadays I take the route Tripunithura, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam to reach Kozhencherry because of the good road and less traffic compared to the National Highway via Alappuzha.

It was around 12.45 and I was not that hungry and I just started my journey from a friend’s house in Vyttilla. I was driving very slowly by taking pics of famous places, hotels, educational institutions, banks, temples, churches etc to update in Google Map to become a Level 5 contributor.

It was after passing Udayamperoor, I saw a Bengali guy standing the roadside with a ‘Hotel’ board in his hand. And that made me noticed this new hotel in which they have placed some attractive signages and boards. The hotel was named as ‘Salt Mango Tree’.

It was a small building painted white and had space to park my car as well. I have seen hotel staff standing by the roadside with such boards,trying to gather the traveler’s attention. Many find it as a good way of marketing and it is really a good thing for new hotels.

The title ‘Salt Mango Tree’ might remind you of Mohanlal’s epic comedy scene from 1986’s Malayalam film Dhoore Dhoore Oru Koodu Koottam. In fact, it should, as the title is inspired by that famous dialogue written by Sreenivasan.

I suddenly stopped my car and thought about visiting the restaurant, even though I was not that hungry. I parked my car and stepped into the restaurant. Interior was superb and they made it attractive by sticking posters with famous Malayalam Movie dialogues and old Malayalam movie posters.

The suppliers were typical Mallu guys wearing stylish uniforms and I found them friendly and doing their job pretty good.

Restaurant Interior Looks Stunning with Posters having Movie Dialogues
Restaurant Interior Looks Stunning with Posters having Movie Dialogues

The menu was priced affordable and I found most of the people were trying Rice & Fish Fry along with some dishes of Beef. I have ordered a half portion of Chicken Biriyani and the food was really tasty.

Biriyani Yet to Arrive 😀

The furnishing of the restaurant is kept simple with steel and glass tables and chairs arranged in rows to accommodate a maximum number of customers. There is also a family room situated on the first floor. Salt Mango Tree is a small place and cannot accommodate more than 30-40 people at a time.

Restaurant Interior View
Restaurant Interior View

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