Aavi Restaurant Panampilly Nagar Review, Menu – Rediscovering traditional tastes


Food has its way to going deep down beyond one’s imagination and captures the soul within. It is available in different forms and few, and it is one’s individual taste which decides if a particular cuisine is preferred or not.

Be it authentic, modern or traditional, every kitchen manages to leave a memorable mark in the minds of people all over with its taste. And for few lucky ones, every kind of cuisine seems to be impressive without distinction of any sort.

Kochi is quite broad-minded when it comes to food. Though the city has developed in lot many aspects, it has no plans in giving up its taste for traditional food. Along with the various kinds of continental and modern cuisines that it offers, the city also seems to have a lot of food destinations serving excellent traditional food. The rising number of hotels concentrating on such cuisines indicates an example to this.

The Aavi Restaurant at Panampilly Nagar, above Gokul Oottupura, is one such fine dining restaurant which serves traditional delights for its customers. One gets the feel of Kerala right when you step into this innovative restaurant.

The bamboo walls, warm colored ceilings and the use of typical ancient style table and desk for dining makes this place stand out from the rest, also making it highly appealing and welcoming.

The uniqueness of this food destination does not end with its ambiance alone. The finger licking delicacies and combos are the other reasons why this place is quite popular among Kochite’s. Its menu offers categories like aavi appangal, aavi karikal, aavi specials, etc. to name a few, among which each group comprises of at least ten options to serve. From pure varieties of puttu and appam, Aavi also serves mouth-watering main course items like biriyani.

The chapati and poricha kozhi combo meal are famous for all the right reasons. The chicken is juicy, tender and has the right flavor, lending a typical Kerala tinge to it. The chicken biriyani is flavorsome and worth the money.

Moreover, the first elapothi choru is high in demand. This dish comprises of rice along with other curries including fish fry and vegetable curries,all steamed in banana leaves making it unquestionably incredible.

With lots of distinct dishes to offer, the Aavi restaurant is definitely a treat to all the food enthusiasts in the city. The pricing is affordable, making this place worth a try. They are open from 9.30 AM to 11 PM.

Aavi’s Restaurant Palarivattom Menu



Aavi Restaurant, Panampilly Nagar Ave,
MIG Housing Society, Panampilly Nagar,
Ernakulam, Kerala 682036
Phone: 0484-6510510

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