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Abaam is a boutique hotel located right in front of the entrance of Vyttila Mobility Hub, which is the main hub for buses in Kochi. The hotel is designed keeping modernity in mind and is an ideal destination for leisure as well as business travelers, who are willing to explore and witness the spirit of Kochi without compromising on luxury and opulence.

I am a frequent traveler to Kochi and I used to book hotels for cheaper rates with the last minute deals from travel booking portals. You can get star hotels by paying 750-1500 a night, do you believe? Last week I had a visit to hotel Abaam and I must say that it is a perfect place for travelers who wish to take a break during the journey. You can also consider this as a business hotel.

I checked into the hotel at 11 Am and checked out at 11.30 Am next day. Check in and check out was smooth and fast. The reception gives you a  warm welcome with complimentary juice. There is enough parking space available underground.

The hotel is simply awesome with a good restaurant and beer parlor adjacent to it. They will also serve the beer in your room. Breakfast was complimentary and had enough South Indian Dishes.

For the price you are paying, the room is fully loaded with amenities including a minibar, flatscreen TV, tea maker, electronic key etc.


The rooms are divided into two categories.

1) Emerald Room

Affordable and luxurious at the same time, the Emerald Rooms at Abaam, Kochi offers amenities like free Wi-Fi, television, and an air-conditioner to keep you connected to the digital world and cozy. There is an in-room safe and a wardrobe that will keep your essentials secure. You can also start each day with a scrumptious meal as the rooms offer complimentary breakfast as well. Emerald room is ideal for couples & business travelers.

Emerald Room
Emerald Room

2) Saphire Suite

Saphire Suite is ideal for families. Each Sapphire room has a television and air-conditioner to ensure comfort and connectivity to the digital world. There is also a separate living room for an undisturbed privacy.


1) Restaurant & Beer Parlor

There are two restaurants named Tangerine & Brew Hub in which they serve buffet breakfast in Brew Hub, which is a coffee shop and is well-known for its  quality services. There is a beer parlor in an adjacent building next to Abaam hotel and they do also have room service available which is very much faster than other business hotels.

Brew Hub - Coffee Shop
Brew Hub – Coffee Shop
Buffet Breakfast
Buffet Breakfast

2) Gymnasium & Spa

The in-house gym at Abaam, Kochi is an ideal place for fitness junkies. Clad with all modern equipment, the gymnasium will help you to stay fit and healthy for the duration of your stay.

The spa offers Ayurveda and western body treatments, facials, body massages, express services and spa rituals.

Rendezvous - Banquet Hall
Rendezvous – Banquet Hall

3) Banquet Hall & Board Room

Rendezvous is the name of the banquet hall at Abaam, Kochi that is spotlessly clean and furnished in a modern fashion. You will be mesmerized by its brilliant attention to detail. The hall can accommodate 100 people in a theater setting. There is also a boardroom to hold business meetings and conferences. The boardroom is equipped with all the modern electrical equipment and is an ideal place for business persons and corporates.

Hotel Abaam, Kochi
Hotel Abaam, Kochi

Facilities Provided

  1. Breakfast
  2. Mineral water
  3. Tea or Coffee maker
  4. Free WIFI
  5. Toiletries
  6. Complimentary Newspaper
  7. Safe Deposit lockers

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