Hotel Olive Down Town Kadavanthra Kochi, Review, Photos, Videos


Are you looking for a luxurious business stay in Ernakulam? That too at the heart of the city? Then Olive Down Town is the best option for you. The hotel is ideally located at Kadavantra Junction which is very near to Vytilla, MG Road, Marine Drive & Panampalli Nagar.

I am a regular visitor to Kochi, and I used to stay at different hotels. I always prefer to stay in a hotel which is having ample parking space, easy accessibility towards the most happening places and get some good food. I have found Olive Down Town is the best one which suits my conditions. I might have stayed in Olive for more than ten times, and I never got any bad experience so far.

The hotel is located in a busy Junction, Kadavantra and it seems to be the biggest building over there. There is two entrance to the hotel. Valet Parking service is available if you are getting into the hotel from the main entrance.

The check-in is usually hassle free and doesn’t take much time.  I have checked into the hotel even at 11 Am and 11 Pm, And the registration process is as straightforward. Reception staff is very friendly and always has a smile on their face.

The lobby is huge, and the interior design is charming. Even though the hotel is located on a busy junction, there is no much noise once you go inside. After check in, the assistant there will guide you to the room by explaining the features and facilities they provide for guest. Last time, when I went, there was a trainee boy who did his job pretty good. Later I came to know from him that, he is a hotel management student and doing his mandatory training period as part of the course.


I have stayed in their standard, deluxe and executive rooms and found that all rooms are large and well furnished. All the rooms are well maintained and incredibly classy. The room amenities includes TV, Mini Bar, In Room Safe, Electric Kettle with complimentary bags of Tea/Coffe and two 500 ml mineral water bottles.


The toilets are with complimentary superior quality toiletries which include soap, shampoo, shower gel, dental kit along with good quality of towels. All bathrooms have a huge mirror along with a magnifying mirror. Some rooms have hair dryers as well, if not they will provide it upon request.

The main thing which I get attracted was with their soft button control panel switches. The hotel has both smoking as well as non-smoking rooms. So, it is better to inform if you have a specific requirement during the check-in time. Always ask for rooms which are on the higher floor for better view. They have rooms which are facing towards the busy junction as well as to their parking area.


Food & Restaurant

Their complimentary breakfast always has a lot of variety dishes with options of South Indian, North Indian, and English. The restaurant team is very courteous, helpful and always attend your needs. You can ask for various varieties of dosa, fried eggs, omelets, etc.

The hotel has two restaurants named Olivia and Afghan. Their Afghan restaurant is famous in the town and open for Arab foods. The hotel is also an Arab-friendly place, which I always see many Arabs staying here.

The food is a bit expensive here, and most of the items on room dining are also priced high. But, that does compromise with the taste and the way they serve it. The way they present their dishes is just attractive. And moreover, you get a 24/7 coffee shop with a limited menu for the convenience.

Other Facilities

1) Swimming Pool

They have a medium sized swimming pool on the tenth floor of the hotel which will give you a beautiful panoramic city view. The rooftop pool is an excellent place to spend your evening. The pool is neatly maintained and restricted to use only for the guest. The pool is open from 7 Am to 7 Pm. It will be great if they extend the timings till 10 Pm. Proper swimwear is mandatory to use the pool.


2) Fitness Center

They have a health club available for fitness guys who doesn’t want to miss their regular fitness workouts even during the travel. The fitness center is always open and accessible only for the guest.

3) Spa

They have an in-house spa called “Athulyam” to rejuvenate you during the stay. I have not tried the spa here yet. I can probably try their spa next time exclusively to add a new article on my Spa Reviews Category.

4) Banquet & Conference Halls

Their conference hall is named as Athena and can accommodate a maximum of 250 people. The room is suitable for functions like corporate meetings, birthday parties, family get-togethers, product launching functions, engagements, marriage receptions, etc.

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Contact Information

Hotel Olive Downtown 28/286,
Kadavanthra Jn.
Kochi, Kerala, 682 020
Phone: 0484 422 2333
Email: [email protected]

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