Keys Hotel Whitefield, Bengaluru – Review

Keys Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore
Keys Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore

Keys Hotels are always my favorite. I always prefer Keys hotels whenever I travel to cities like Kochi and Bangalore. I am addicted to their beautifully designed buildings. All their hotels are built up nicely in a different architecture. Keys Hotels in Thevara, Kochi is my all time favorite.

It was my third stay at Keys Hotel in Whitefield, Bangalore. Being a travel blogger, I always travel a lot and has done so much for hotel reviews. I usually prefer to stay in various hotels for making up the reports. But most of the time I will end up by booking Keys because of some unknown reasons. 😉

Keys Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore
Keys Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore

Keys Hotel Whitefield, Bangalore

There are two Keys Hotels in Bangalore. One is near to ITPL, and another one is in Electronic City. Keys in ITPL is my all time favorite because the one in Electronic City doesn’t have a swimming pool. It is located at the heart of IT hub in Bangalore and readily available to all IT companies. The hotel is more of a service apartment, and it is purely a business hotel. I have no words to say about the cleanliness and hospitality of Keys Hotels.


Keys Whitefield has four categories of rooms. The basic one is called Keys Room, which I always prefer. Keys rooms are good enough for one or two people with all privacy and peace. The mattress and linens are perfect for my choice. The glass separated bathrooms equipped with stylish accessories. There is also a work desk which you can sit and relax by doing your job.

They also have other categories of rooms named Keys Indulge Room, Studio Apartments, and One Bedroom Apartments if you are looking for much more spacious area and luxury. But as a business traveler, Keys Rooms are more than enough for my needs.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

They have a multi cuisine restaurant called ‘Keys Cafe’ on the ground floor behind the reception. Even though the menu is limited, the food they provide has excellent taste. The breakfast buffet spread was huge and having so much of varieties including nonveg dishes.

One of the main advantage with Keys for business travelers are like they offer room tariff with breakfast and dinner, breakfast only and room only. You can choose the place depends on your requirement. I always prefer to book the room with breakfast and dinner, and I must say, this can save some money from your pocket.

There is also a bar; it’s a lounge near to the restaurant. They do have some offers available in bar most of the time. You can use this place to sit back and relax from your hectic business schedule and to network with your friends and colleagues. There is also a pool table available to relax with some hip-hop music background.

Swimming Pool

I always prefer a hotel with swimming pool during my business trips. Spending an evening in the pool helps me to relax my mind and body. The Keys Whitefield is having a large pool ideally located in the right place. The only problem with the pool is about its depth. It is just 4 feet and will not give you a complete feel of swimming.

Other Amenities

Free High-Speed Wifi is the other attraction of Keys Hotels. I am very much impressed with it.

The Housekeeping guys are just awesome and always has a smile on their face. I was still wondering about one thing they did last time. During my second day at Keys, I have requested for a room cleaning and those guys have done their job pretty good and kept almost eight bottles of complimentary mineral water bottles without even asking. I was surprised by seeing this because most of the business hotels severely charge an enormous amount of money for additional water bottles.

Ice Vending Machines are placed on each floor of Keys. In which, you can go and get the ice cubes upon your need. I remember during my stay in Fern Citadel Hotel, they have charged Rs.150+tax for a bucket of ice cubes.

Some other facilities are

  • Laundry
  • In Room Dining
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Tea & Coffe Makers in Room
  • Pool Table
  • Shoe Shining Machine
  • Rooms for Disabled
  • Business Center & Banquet Hall

I would strongly recommend Keys Hotel in Whitefield to anyone who plans a trip to Bangalore and willing to stay in ITPL/Whitefield area. The hotel is well connected with BMTC Buses & Uber/Ola Cabs. Plenty of Volvo buses are running from ITPL to Majestic, Airport, Marathahalli, Silk Board and Banashankari and the bus stop is just 200 meters far from the hotel main entrance. The hotel can also arrange some taxi on your request.


  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Food
  • Service


  • Front office staff has to improve a lot
  • Can expand the dishes on Food Menu

Contact Information

Keys Hotel Whitefield
Plot No 6, 1st Phase Industrial Area,
ITPL Road , Opp.Graphite India,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048
Ph. No.: + 91 80 2513 0000 / +91 80 3945 1000
E-mail: [email protected]

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