Munnar Tea Country Resort (MTCR Munnar) Review, Photos, Videos


I had a visit to Munnar Tea Country Resort aka MTCR Munnar during my last month trip this charming hill station with some of my friends. Munnar Tea Country Resort also known as MTCR Munnar is a four-star property located in a picturesque location in a high altitude place. MTCR is a paradise for honeymoon pairs as well as families.

The road which leads to the resort is small and steep which is going uphill. Once you reach the top, you can see the resort on your left side and there is a security always with a smiling face. There is enough parking space available in front of the hotel.

We were greeted upon arrival by the front office staff, and a tasty fruit juice served as the welcome drink. I was thrilled to see their enthusiasm all over.

MTCR is the first ‘All Villa Premium Resort’ in Munnar. All the rooms here are individual two-storied villas and offers you the complete privacy. Munnar Tea Country Resort is located in a scenic location overlooking the interlocked green carpeted valleys. The clouds, mist, cold breeze, fresh air, and birds create a perfect ambiance. The rooms are classified into four categories.

1) Horizon View Villas: These are duplex-style villas with a living room on the ground floor and has a bath attached bedroom with a balcony on the first floor. These villas are spacious with more than 600 sqft area. These villas have a mountain view and the best place to enjoy the stay. I recommend this rooms for families with kids.

Horizon View Villas of Munnar Tea Country Resort
Horizon View Villas of Munnar Tea Country Resort

2) Valley View Villas: These are duplex styles villas with a living room on the ground floor and a bath attached bedroom with a balcony on the first floor. These villas are also spacious with more than 600 sqft. As the name says, these villas are valley facing and having a rose garden in front of it. These are ideal for families and honeymoon couples.

3) Premium Valley View Cottages: These are AC Cottages with a living room, pantry area, and a bedroom with attached balcony.  Premium Valley View Cottages are not a duplex villa and is ideal for a family with elder people as well as small kids. A group of friends can also stay here as this is having interconnecting rooms. This category room is the only one in MTCR which is a pet-friendly one and also suitable for differently abled persons.

4) Romantic Luxury Villas: Romantic Luxury Villas are the main highlight of Munnar Tea Country Resort. Located ideally in a beautiful location, these are again duplex Air Conditioned villas with a living room on the top floor and the bedroom on ground floor. Both the floors are having the balcony with beautiful view towards the valley. This villa is ideal for honeymoon couples. These villas are having the best view in the resort.

The main attraction of this hotel is their staff itself. The entire crew is always smiling and greeting everyone. They seem to be highly professional and well trained. The restaurant and spa people were awesome.

Facilities Provided

All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities, good linen spread, fresh towels, excellent bathroom with all needed toiletries, tea coffee maker, bottled water, LED Television, free wifi, minibar, etc. Hair Dryer and some other things are available on request. Don’t forget to ask anything you required including water bottles. The staff at MTCR Munnar is always happy to serve you well.

The room tariff is included with a welcome drink on arrival, seasonal fruit basket, cookies, and snacks, delicious buffet breakfast, tea/coffee maker, bottled water and free wifi. They do charge Rs. 750 for a meal and 350 for child meal.

Mult Cuisine Restaurant

I don’t recommend anyone who is staying in MTCR Munnar to order food to your room. It is because you should not miss this beautiful restaurant and the food you get along with a stunning panoramic scenic view from there. The restaurant is ideally located in the best place and is the main attraction of this resort.


Oceana Spa

Oceana Spa in Munnar Tea Country Resort is one of the best in Munnar. The spa creates an atmosphere where you are overwhelmed with nature and culture. The moment when you enter into their center, you can experience it in real. I have taken a Swedish Sojourn Massage and has written a review about it here ‘Oceana Spa in Munnar.’

Interiors of their Spa
Interiors of their Spa

Soft spiritual music played in the background along with a human-made water flowing system inside the treatment room will give you the best relaxation experience. There are various heavenly therapies available from Ayurveda including a different type of body massages, facials, beauty treatments, scrubs, and wraps, etc.

Resort Activities

Munnar Tea Country Resort also provides some activities for the entertainment of their guest. Which includes Trekking, Village Visit, Tea Factory Visit, Tribal Village Visit, Cookery Demonstration, Caroms, Yoga Classes, etc. They also have a mini indoor play area for kids near to spa. You can check with the resort for more details about the activities they offer.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Marayoor Sandalwood Forest
  • Dreamland Spice Park
  • Tata Tea Museum
  • Pothamedu View Point
  • Mattupetty Dam
  • Blossom Park
  • Attukad Waterfalls
  • Echo Point
  • Kundala Lake
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Top Station
  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Sengulam Dam

The resort can arrange you a taxi with a guide, or their travel desk can help you to explore all the places in Munnar.


MTCR Munnar offers various custom made packages. It is recommended to take any package upon your need to enjoy a hassle free and stress-free holidays. The various packages include

1) Honeymoon Package which is ideal for honeymoon couples. The package includes 2 Night 3 Days Stay with Breakfast and Dinner, Flower bed decoration, Candle Light Dinner and much more.

2) Family Package for families with kids and elder peoples. This includes a half day sightseeing trip.

3) Day Out Package is available for Rs. 999 including complimentary lunch and other facilities.

4) Girlfriends Getaway Package is the main attraction of this resort. This package is 2 Nights and 3 Days along with breakfast and dinner. You will be getting a complimentary Egyptian Foot Reflexology at their Oceana Spa once during the stay. Sandalwood body polish, half day shopping in Munnar, One session of cooking class by their chef to enhance your girlf friends culinary skill, trekking, yoga training, dance floor and camp file. When the resort offer such a package, I hope they will allow people who are unmarried to checkin. Please check with the hotel team, if you have any queries regarding this.

5) Reunion Package is best for gathering with your best friends for a long weekend getaway. The resort offer some excellent package for you to travel and spend time with your best friends in Munnar. The 2 Nights and 3 Days package starts from 24k onwards.

6)Stress Buster is a best option for people who would like to relax youself by having some massages and ayurvedic treatments. The two nights and three days stress buster package starts with 33k and it is including few complimentary spa services too.


  • Professionally trained staff
  • Beautifully maintained villa type rooms
  • All rooms has balcony
  • Excellent Spa
  • Amazing Food
  • Enough Parking Area
  • Good Service


  • No Swimming Pool

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Contact Information

Munnar Tea Country Resort,
Thattathimukku, Chithirapuram PO,
Munnar, Kerala
Phone: +91 484 4066688, +91 94977 17353
Email: [email protected]



Luxurious & Spacious Interiors
Luxurious & Spacious Interiors

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