Ridlr: Put Your Best Foot Forward With This Transport App


Traffic is one of the biggest problems an everyday commuter faces. This is why public transport app Ridlr makes sense. This public transport app scores on different counts such as ease of use, convenience, time and efficiency. Traveling by bus, metro, local or monorail? Check for arrival and departure times as well as easy, free and efficient public transportation options using Ridlr! What makes this app unique is that it not only provides guidelines but also recharges tickets and works to make the life of the modern day passenger easy.

Nothing is more annoying than facing unexpected delays on account of changes in arrival and departure times of public transport. Get information including delays in timings on time every time. This app is exclusively available on Google Play platform and works in the Garden city of Bangalore, as well as corporate cities of Pune and Mumbai. Let’s delve into what makes this app an excellent option for travelers across India.

Design and User Interface

Whenever the review of the app has to be attempted, many reviewers focus on design and user interface as the make or break factor. But Ridlr goes beyond these limitations. It has a simplistic design allowing app users on Android devices to operate without any hassle as the app carries essential tabs. This can help you to locate the fastest trip between a given location and a certain destination point. The timetable of public transport systems such as train, mono, metro and bus can also ensure that different passengers can access data efficiently. The nearby stops for the public transport systems can also be viewed for different vehicles.

The user interface is incredibly intuitive and ensures there is specially made for users where all tabs are necessary for the functioning of the app. This includes tabs such as:

  • Nearby Stops
  • Offline Timetables for Public Transports
  • City Changing Option

This also ensures that privacy preferences can be changed when required. Push notifications are for favorite trips so that the user can get the information they need at their fingertips. General public transport alerts are also important.

App Structure

The basic concept and motive of this app and how to use it efficiently forms the next focus of this review.Get data in real time for guiding the user about bus, train, metro and monorail and find fast connections and routes to destinations through this.


Another plus point of this app is that users can share their journey with their friends and family on the Ridlr app through the “Hop On” tab when the train or bus is boarded to share real-time location. The location and planned route can also be shared through social media channels and Whatsapp because this app possesses that capability.

Perfect for Use: This app is neatly designed and has consistent information about routes and timetables of public transportation.

Travel Smart: The app allows commuters to book tickets, recharge travel passes, get real-time data on traveling and ensure that the best and most commonly used routes are stored for everyday usage.

Availability in Major Cities: This app is also available in the main cities of India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Easy and Free to Use: This user-friendly app is free for commuters, and offers so many more features than paid apps.

About Ridlr

This public transport app is developed by Birds Eye Systems and is useful for travelers looking to make the hassles of everyday commuting vanish into thin air. The app is available in 8 cities of India currently and is time-saving and free of charge. It is perfect for students as well as working professionals. Get to know when the next bus, train, metro or rail will arrive so that the journey can be planned with ease, even while using multiple transport modes. Timetables can even be downloaded and saved for later use, without an internet connection.


Some of the obvious benefits of this public transport app include:

  • Finding the fastest trip to the destinations
  • Viewing timetables of different transport modes
  • Downloading timetables for use offline
  • Excellent design and best app for finding and traveling to new destinations
  • Design and UI are good
  • Consistency and accuracy in time and schedule of transports
  • Mapping guide is good

Cities Covered by Ridlr along with their Transport Networks:

Mumbai: BEST, TMT, KDMT, MBMT, TMT, Western Railway, Central Railway, Harbour Railways, Trans Harbour Railways, Diva Roha Train, Mumbai Metro, Monorail)

  • Bangalore: BMTC, Bangalore Metro
  • New Delhi: DTC, Delhi Metro, Rapid Metro
  • Pune: PMPML, Local Train
  • Chennai: Southern Railways, MTC Bus
  • Chandigarh: CTU
  • Jaipur: JCTSL
  • Ahmedabad: AMTS, Janmarg BRTS


This app has an incredible scope regarding application and usage. It is free, user-friendly and extremely well designed to ensure that the commuter does not face any restrictions or limitations while travelling. Made for the busy commuter, with no time to search for schedules or timetables, this people-friendly app ensures that users can access information in the shortest time possible, and have a real enjoyable ride.

Author Bio

Ravi Khemani, the CTO and Co-founder at Ridlr, a mobile application for making public transit easier. He was part and parcel of the organisation even before its inception in May 2010. He holds a Masters degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas (UMKC), United States. When Ravi returned to India, he noticed that there was no way for commuters to know alternate routes to reach their destination faster, unlike in the States where he was used to seeing live traffic information on the GPS, and this gave birth to the idea of Ridlr. Ravi’s hobbies include reading about Tech/Algorithms, Learning, and Programming new tech, and travelling to scenic places.

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