Spice Country Resorts Chithirapuram Munnar Review, Rates, Photos, Videos


Spice Country Resort is on the outskirts of Munnar, located in Chithirapuram on a picturesque misty land. I had a visit to the resort last week, and it has reminded me as I am in somewhere in Shimla. The hotel building is constructed in such a way that from the main road side, you can just see a two storied building. You are directly entering into the reception, and all floors except the restaurant are towards down. You have to climb down the stairs for the rooms.

The resort located in a beautiful location has the rooms having a panoramic view and offers a beautiful valley view. The resort is having 20 well-furnished rooms categorised as Deluxe, Premium Valley View Room, Family Suite and Honeymoon Suite. Apart from Deluxe, all other rooms are facing towards the valley.

Spice Country Resort is a budget property famous among honeymoon couples and families. Don’t expect luxury rooms, but what they provide is excellent, and you will get all the essential amenities required for such a beautiful hill station. The main attractions are the rooms facing towards the valley and view from here is just amazing.

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think about Munnar Tea Country Resort is the neat and clean surroundings, the food we ate, the valley view rooms and their friendly staff. The attitude of the employees here is just fantastic, and they will make your stay a memorable one.

Honeymoon Cottage

Spice Country Resort has two Honeymoon cottages with wooden finishing and looks like an old ‘Tharavadu’ model house. The rooms are located ideally and have a spectacular view of the valley. Interiors of honeymoon cottage are beautiful and attached with a private balcony.


Parking & Reception
Parking & Reception

The parking area in the resort is limited and if you are reaching late; you may need to park your vehicle on the main road. But they have a security who can take care of it. Most of the hotels in Munnar is like this.



The restaurant here is a highlight of this hotel. The food is delicious and not pricey. The restaurant is located in an ideal place and has a beautiful view towards the valley. They do even offer candle light dinner on request.  The buffet breakfast is excellent and has a good spread of dishes. If you are lucky, the fog will entirely cover the restaurant, especially during evening and morning.

Other Facilities

  • Conference hall with more than 100 persons capacity
  • Indoor Games
  • Kids play area
  • The spacious individual balcony opens to the green valley
  • Tailor made packages suit your budget
  • Running Hot and Cold Water
  • Medical aid on request
  • Helpdesk
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Satellite TV


  • Excellent Food
  • Fantastic view from the balcony
  • Budget Stay


  • Limited Parking Space
  • No AC Rooms (Munnar climate doesn’t need AC)
  • Located on the outskirts of Munnar

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Contact Information

Spice Country Resorts
Chithirapuram P.O, Munnar – 685612
Idukki Dist, Kerala, India
Phone: 9745 803111, 9526 015111
Email: [email protected]

Honeymoon Cottages
Honeymoon Cottages

Honeymoon Cottage

Honeymoon Cottage

Honeymoon Cottage
Honeymoon Cottage
Premium Valley View Room
Premium Valley View Room
View from the hotel
View from the hotel
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