Trek to the clouds – Chokramudi Peak Munnar


Chokramudi is a stunning peak located near Bison Valley, near Munnar.  I looked into several sources to gain some geographical knowledge about this peak, but not much information was available online.  According to the locals, Chokramudi is the second highest peak in Kerala.

We were a group of four, old roommates at our rented and famed Galaxy C-6 flat in Cochin! We take a few trips every year mostly to the high ranges.

This time, we have chosen a small and beautiful resort named Bamboo Dale in Bison Valley.

I will share my experiences at the Bamboo Dale in another article and would focus on the trekking part! The trekking was arranged by the resort people.

The trip to the base camp was an amazing four wheel drive through a plantation road.

The drive itself gave us a glimpse of what was in store for us!

Sharing a few pictures of the drive to base camp below

We were super excited to start the climb after getting down from the jeep.  The first part of the walk was through thick foliage.  We were guided by a barely visible foot trail through the densely grown plants and trees.  After 15 minutes into the trek, we have walked into the base of the mist clad and majestic looking Chokramudy!   We were stunned by the beauty and wildness of the peak and at the same time were doubtful about the climb!

We started our second leg of the trek without wasting much time.  The lack of oxygen even at that level was very evident as we were gasping for breath within 15-20 minutes of the walk.  At this time, I felt like a helicopter flying over my head and I really ducked for cover.  To my surprise, it was some kind of large beetle that was just flying above the knee deep grass!

After taking a short break, we started the walk again.  This time, two of the agile people went ahead of us to take an early lead!  They were encountered by a small and dangerous viper on the way! Thankfully no one was hurt.  There were actually no foot trails and we were climbing a very steep mountain side. We were walking over thick grass and bushes with absolutely no idea of what lay beneath! Our excitement made us forget the risk and we went ahead.

Soon we caught up with them and walked to the huge peak projecting itself into the sky. It was like we were standing in the clouds. The amazing view from that point was totally rejuvenating for me. I could have stayed there all the day without doing anything! The beautiful wind and the bright sky literally made me believe that there is a paradise and I was standing right on top of it!

Standing there on top of that cliff was an amazing experience. You would feel the strength to love the world and this beautiful nature. The famed Boney M track kept playing in my mind at that time…I am born again, I feel free…..!

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