Ways to Implement an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your New Business

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A common mistake that most digital marketers and website owners make is to ignore the need for developing a social media strategy. While it is true social media can be spontaneous at times, businesses should be strategic with their approach on social media, for example, find Facebook shares deliberately to analyze the performance metrics of a post on Facebook.

As a new business, when running some of your operations on social media without a well-defined plan, the success rates are lower because even conducting an audit of the performance of your site on social media is accounted for.

Enlisted here are 4 easy ways to implement an effective social media strategy for your new business:

Choose Your Social Networks

When getting into the digital space, the potential of getting overwhelmed is very high because of the vigorous competition as well as a variety of social media platforms to choose from.

Make sure you are clear and specific on the social networks you choose, picking those that will blend well with your goals and target audience.

To properly choose the suitable networks:

Define your target audience and identify where they are – for example, Facebook is among the leading platform which accommodates for an older audience unlike other platforms, while Pinterest will work for your advantage if you are interested in a female-based audience.

Consider which networks your competitors are on – they are your competitors because you are targeting the same audience, so where they thrive your business is likely to do well.

Decide on how many platforms you want to be on – you cannot swiftly manage to be on all platforms especially because it is to represent your brand and not personal interactions.

Plan the content you will share

Social media demands a lot from its users, which is why people are constantly sharing content of different forms for social validation among other reasons.

Be specific about the industry you are operating on to build the credibility of your brand in your topics of expertise. Write down in one statement what your brand is about, then plan out your social media curation topics to stay organized so that you develop relevant content with a specific writing style and voice.

Set your goals

As a new business, it is easy to deviate from your intention in an effort to remain relevant and visible of social media. This is why it helps to have set goals and objectives you intend to achieve while on social media, say marketing, increasing customer-base, increasing traffic on a website, or simply making a sale on social media.

Ensure you create a social media goal that will help achieve your business objective, not the other way round, by setting KPIs and goals for every social media network.

Have a budget

As a business, you cannot rely on organic traffic alone for social media thriving, which is why you need to set aside a budget for promotions and advertisements on different platforms.

A social media strategy documents how a business or organization will plan, execute and measure all social media marketing activities. Evidently, creating a documented strategy focused on processes and goals to be achieved on social media will improve your results.

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  1. Hello Sujith,
    My self Simon from bangalore i have plan to start a food, entertainment and travel blog can suggest me the platform that I need to promote and advertise my blogs.
    Simon M D

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