Dream Catcher Plantation Resort Munnar with Tree House, Review, Photos, Videos


Are you looking for a tree house stay in Munnar? Then Dream Catcher Plantation Resort would be a perfect option for your stay. I have visited this beautiful plantation resort recently and stayed there for a night. It was an incredible experience which I wanted to share it with my readers.

The hotel is far away from Munnar town and located in Ratnagiri near Bison Valley. It will take almost an hour to reach there from Munnar Town. But if you are going from Kochi, you can reach the hotel without many troubles. It is better to use Google map or hotel direction boards to travel. The road which leads to the resort is in bad condition, but it is adventurous and scenic. I don’t understand why the local self-government is not taking any plans to develop the roads in Munnar.

Dream Catcher Resort is truly spectacular and a lovely resort set in twenty acres of exotic tea and plantations. The resort has four luxurious tree houses and eleven deluxe rooms including family cottages. We stayed in a spacious deluxe room on the first floor, and I must say, the rooms were great with all modern amenities. We were greeted with a welcome drink during check-in, and I must congratulate the smiling and pleasant face of security which has a beautiful mustache.

We were three, and we have got an interconnecting room which was very much spacious and with two washrooms. These rooms are ideal for families with kids and elders or friends traveling together. The room has a balcony with plantation view. I could see the beautiful farm with mixed varieties of cardamom, pepper, and other spices.

I was super excited to go to the tea plantation at night. There was some campfire party going on. The whole resort is well lighted during the evening and gives you an excellent view of the tea plantation. We had our food ordered in the room, and the room service was excellent and prompt. Food taste was above average and priced decently.

The resort is located in a calm place away from all the city chaos. The main attraction is that you can see various varieties of flowers and plants here. I enjoyed clicking a lot of photographs. Flowers in Munnar always looks gorgeous & photogenic. The resort plantation is full of tea gardens & spices like cardamom, black pepper, cocoa, orange, etc.

The Tree House

If you want to experience the feel of staying in nature’s lap, go for a tree house. The tree house was not available during our stay. It is recommended to book your tree house in advance or select any of their packages. But I managed to visit one of their tree house which got vacated in the morning. The 360-degree view of tea and spice plantation from the tree house is just awesome.  The rooms of tree house are minuscule and have all basic amenities required. The bathroom is comparatively spacious. All the tree houses have attached bathrooms with 24×7 water and power backup.

Tree House
Tree House

The tree houses are at an altitude up to 26 to 60 feet from the ground. The approach to the tree house is only through staircase or hanging bridge. So, only chose the tree house if you are healthy enough to climb the stairs. Consuming liquor & smoking cigarettes are prohibited in the tree house.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

The restaurant and food are above average and priced decently. The buffet breakfast was having a majority of South Indian Dishes. The quality of food is excellent. The restaurant situated on the top floor having a mesmerizing view towards the tea plantation. The service was appreciable, and the team members are very polite and friendly.


Outdoor Activities

The resort has some outdoor activities like nature tour, plantation visit, in-house trekking, bird watching, campfire & barbecue. The travel desk can help you to organize sightseeing trips, jungle safari, adventure tours & fishing.

Ayurvedic Spa

If you want to experience a 100% satisfaction on your holiday to Munnar, don’t miss the chance of an Ayurvedic Massage. Most of the hotels in Munnar has an in-house Ayurvedic Spa. You may also find some local ayurvedic massage parlors everywhere, but you cannot expect an authentic massage experience there. So I always recommend my readers to choose the spa in the hotel you are staying.

The spa in Dream Catcher Resort offers various treatments including a different type of Ayurvedic Massage, Medicated steam bath, Shirodhara, etc. The massage treatments start from Rs.500, and you will get one-hour full body massage + steam for just Rs.1600 which is very much affordable.

Honeymoon Package

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort is famous among honeymoon couples. The resort offers two nights and three days packages for honeymoon travelers with an attractive rate starting from Rs. 13,000. The package will have the following benefits

  • Accommodation with breakfast & dinner
  • One candle light dinner
  • Fruit Basket, Cookies/home made chocolates
  • Happy Honeymoon Cake
  • Flower bed arrangement once during the stay
The Main Building
The Main Building

The package rates vary by the season, and we can offer you the best deals. Get Custom Package Deals from Tech Travel Eat. Click here to fill out the details and wait for our call. 

The resort might be far from Munnar, but the place is close to nature. So nature lovers and nature loving honeymoon couples are always welcome here.


  • Good Food
  • Budget Resort
  • Friendly Staff
  • Tree House
  • Close to Nature
  • Honeymoon Friendly Resort
  • Authentic Spa


  • Away from Town
  • No Elevators
  • No AC Rooms (Munnar climate doesn’t need an AC)
  • No Swimming Pool
  • No Wheel Chair Access

Contact Information

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort
Ratnagiri, Tea Company Bisonvalley Road,
Munnar, Idukki District,
Kerala- 685565
Phone: 9745803111, 9526015111
Email: [email protected]


Interconnected Room
Interconnected Room
Tree House
Tree House
The place for Camp Fire & Other Activities
The place for Camp Fire & Other Activities

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