Photo: Smrithy Biju

Disheartening is the truth that in spite of all the developments our country has witnessed through all these years, the pathetic condition of the poor class remains to be the same.

We are surrounded by such less fortunate people who struggles themselves every single day trying to pass away all the propensities of life piled up in front of them to make their meets end. Their miserable life remains unseen and unheard to a majority in the society. Food is one of the primary necessities of any living being and many times these people do not get the privilege to acquire it.

Acknowledging this scenario Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikad initiated an effort to lend a helping hand and to support the needy in the best way possible. Hence began ‘Anjappam,’ a self-sustainable organization which inaugurated on October 9th, this year. They aspire to serve the poor and marginalized people of the society with good food and knowledge.

With the aim of creating social betterment, this organization has given rise to a chain of restaurants all around Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, which promises to serve food at cheap and affordable rates. Through these restaurants, one can avail a meal for prices as cheap as Rs.25. Besides these, if necessary, free food is also provided without any hesitation, making this place one of its kind.

‘Anjappam’ ensures to fill both bodies as well as the soul. They work as restaurants till 6 in the evening, after which these buildings will use as a library which is yet another creative concept brought out by this group. People from all over are welcomed here to read and to spread knowledge.

Every commoner can join this endeavor and become an equal member of this noble cause. Although the rates charged by these restaurants are minuscule, people can donate money which in turn will use for feeding the less fortunate people. The organization also accepts volunteers for serving food and for working in the library and reading out to the illiterate people.

Photo: Smrithy Biju
Photo: Smrithy Biju

With clean and hygienic ambiance and fresh vegetarian food, these restaurants have become an example to the society for accepting every person the way they are irrespective of their caste, race or gender. Moreover, the organization will soon be supported and initiated by the community ‘Appakootu’ along with other supporters which can help in bringing up the initiative to more heights.

There is no better meditation than seeing the happiness glittering upon the faces of people and ‘Anjappam’ efficiently does the same. Their simple effort has become the center for food, relaxation, and enlightenment for many. This organization is undoubtedly an indication that humanity and compassion still exist among each one of us and all that we have to do is to rediscover it and put it to good use for creating a better world.



Head office-

‘Anjappam,’ Erayannam Veetil,
Maruthorvattom P. O,
Cherthala, Kerala,

Operations office-

‘Anjappam,’ Pulinilkunnathil House,
Mallapuzhassery, Karamveli P.O,
Pathanamthitta, Kerala, 689643.

Email- [email protected]

Fr Bobby Jose Kattikad, Photo: Smrithy Biju
Fr Bobby Jose Kattikad, Photo: Smrithy Biju
Anjappam Restaurant, Kozhencherry ; Photo: Smrithy Biju


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