There is no better joy than serving people with good food. Exotic looking creamy cakes which assure to melt down in your mouth right after every bite is indeed a showstopper of every celebration.

The art of baking has always been a final place of rule for women. Bidding adieu to the conventional ideas of using this extraordinary talent only at home, women are taking a step forward to make a breakthrough with their innovative ideas. Ladies in Kochi are on the go to make it big in this field by converting their passion into a full-time profession.

Here are three women from Kochi who are making people go head over heels with their baking skills.

1) Ruby Rajagopal

Baking is nothing less than a fascination for Ruby, mother of two, based in Kochi. Her cakes have quite a fan following in the city. A combination of ‘taste and perfection’ is what would correctly define her cakes. Apart from being tasty as heaven, every cakes made by her looks stunning and irresistible.

Ruby took this obsession of hers as a dangerous profession two years ago and gave the start to a  page on Facebook known as ‘cakes my passion’. ” I wouldn’t have been able to continue in this field without the support of my family who voluntarily takes up the initiative to help me during busy days,” says Ruby.

She charges Rs. 1500 per kg for traditional cakes and Rs.2000 per kg for theme based cakes. She takes up orders placed through Whatsapp and her Facebook page.


Whatsapp/call: +919895148471

2) Candida Rodriguez

After completing her degree in English Copy Editing,  Candida Rodriguez did not have any confusion about the profession that she was going to take up. Her all time passion of ‘baking’ was well known among her family and friends who supported her in bringing up her venture in this field.Trained under various renowned chef’s, this young home baker has expertise in baking.


“I love baking, and willing to go miles to bring perfection to my baked goods,” says Candida whose customised cupcakes are high on demand in the city. From simple buttercream cakes to artisan cakes, she manages it all single-handedly. She charges Rs.1000 Per kg for traditional cakes. She takes up orders placed through Whatsapp and her Facebook and Instagram page ‘sugarbowl’.

Whatsapp/call: 7736597833

3) Aayisha Yahiya

When it comes to baking, age is just a number. For Aayisha who is Persuing her 3rd-year degree, baking came as a surprise in her life. She initially started baking for time pass which later grew into her strongest craze. She began her endeavour in the world of cakes by baking for her friends during celebrations. The immense support and the mindblowing reviews that she received from her family and friends eventually lead her to take up this craze of hers as a profession.


From customised cupcakes to theme based cakes, Aayisha makes it all with a tinge of her style. She charges Rs.850 per kg for her cakes. She takes up orders placed through Whatsapp and her Facebook and Instagram page ‘cake-o-clock’.

Whatsapp/call:9349257002/ 9746200854



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